(a)   Designation. The following highways in the County are hereby designated as snow emergency routes:
      (1)   Route 7
      (2)   Business Route 7
      (3)   Route 9
      (4)   Route 15
      (5)   Business Route 15
      (6)   Route 28
      (7)   Route 50
      (8)   Route 287
      (9)   Route 340
      (10)   Route 606
      (11)   Route 846 (Sterling Boulevard)
      (12)   Route 637 (from Route 7 to Algonkian Parkway)
      (13)   Countryside Boulevard (from Route 7 to Algonkian Parkway)
      (14)   Route 625 from Route 28 to Route 846 (Sterling Boulevard)
      (15)   Route 671 (from Route 9 to Route 340)
      (16)   Route 672 (from Route 15 to Route 287)
      (17)   Algonkian Parkway (from Fairfax County Line to Winding Road)
      (18)   Palisades Parkway (from Route 7 to Potomac View Road)
      (19)   Cascades Parkway (from West Church Road to the entrance of Algonkian Park)
      (20)   Ashburn Village Boulevard (from Route 7 to end of State maintenance)
      (21)   Gloucester Parkway (from Route 641 to Ashburn Village Boulevard)
      (22)   Waxpool Road (from Route 28 to Lefevre Inn Drive)
      (23)   Route 640 (from Route 625 to Route 641)
      (24)   Ashburn Farms Parkway (from Route 641 to Route 659)
      (25)   Clairborne Parkway (from Route 642 to Greenway Route 267)
      (26)   Route 641 (from Route 7 to Route 625)
   (b)   Posting of Signs. All snow emergency routes designated in subsection (a) hereof shall be posted with appropriate signs indicating their designation as snow emergency routes. Such signs shall be placed not more than 5,000 feet apart in either direction.
   (c)   Parking Prohibited; Snow Tires or Chains Required; Exemptions.
      (1)   In the event of snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, ice, flood, high wind or storm, or the threat thereof, no person shall park or abandon any vehicle on any snow emergency route designated in subsection (a) hereof, or obstruct or impede traffic on any such snow emergency route by reason of failure to have any vehicle operated thereon equipped with adequate snow tires or chains.
      (2)   The drivers of the following vehicles shall be exempt from the provisions of this section:
         A.   Commercial vehicles making emergency deliveries of fuel and motor oils, coal, gasoline, goods, milk and medicines;
         B.   Emergency vehicles of public service corporations;
         C.   Ambulances and vehicles carrying sick or injured persons;
         D.   Vehicles engaged in snow removal operations or sanding streets;
         E.   Tow trucks;
         F.   Vehicles of physicians responding to sick calls;
         G.   Vehicles carrying United States mail;
         H.   Sheriff's vehicles;
         I.   Fire vehicles;
         J.   Government emergency vehicles;
         K.   Hearses and motor vehicles in funeral processions; and
         L.   Vehicles of veterinarians responding to sick animal calls.
   (d)   Removal of Vehicles by Sheriff's Office. In the event of snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, ice, flood, high wind or storm, or the threat thereof, the Sheriff's Office may remove, or cause to be removed, any vehicle that is stalled, stuck, parked or abandoned on or along any snow emergency route designated in subsection (a) hereof. Such vehicle may be removed, stored and disposed of in accordance with Section 630.15 of the General Offenses Code.
(Ord. 99-02. Passed 3-3-99.)