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   The costs referred to in Section 54.01 and Section 54.02 shall include, in addition to the City’s direct out–of–pocket expenses for labor and materials, administrative costs in an amount equal to ten (10) percent of the reasonable cost actually incurred or five hundred dollars ($500), whichever is greater. The amount of such costs for which liability is imposed pursuant to this article shall be recoverable in a civil action by the City or by ordinance and shall be in addition to any other fees or penalties authorized by law, provided that any sums actually received by the City in connection with such work pursuant to Chapter 6.8 (commencing with Section 25300) of Division 20 of the Health and Safety Code shall be credited against any amount recoverable in such civil action. If recovery of part or all costs is by way of an ordinance the procedure set forth in LAAC § 19.96 B.3. through 7., C.34. and D. shall be followed.