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Sec. 4.110.  Part-time Employment.
   Except as otherwise provided in Section 4.117 of this Code and in any Memoranda of Understanding or Departmental Personnel Ordinances to the contrary, a work schedule of less than the number of hours of full-time employment shall be considered part-time employment.
   The following categories of part-time employment are hereby defined:
   (a)   Half-time: Half-time employees are employees regularly assigned to a work schedule of half-time (1040 hours) or more in any service year, but less than full-time. Compensation shall be prorated on the basis of the total number of hours scheduled to be worked in relationship to the total number of hours required for full-time employment in the class of position. Benefits for such half-time employees provided in this Code shall apply to these employees on a prorated basis.
   (b)   Intermittent:  Intermittent employees are employees assigned to a regular or on-call work schedule of less than half of the available working time (less than 1040 hours ) in any service year.  Employees who are compensated by the session and employees who hold more than one intermittent position concurrently, regardless of total number of hours scheduled, shall be considered intermittent employees.  Compensation as established in Schedule “A” herein shall be considered full remuneration for intermittent employees defined by this section, except for compensated personal time off benefits as provided in Section 4.110.1 of this Code.
   Any employee, either full-time or half-time, shall be eligible to receive benefits from only one employing department at any one time.
Based on Ord. No. 89,100.
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