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Sec. 19.155. Summary of Bureau of Engineering Fees and Charges.
   The following table is a summary of fees and charges for Bureau of Engineering services provided pursuant to the provisions of this Code. If there is any discrepancy between the provisions of this summary and the Sections of this Code imposing the fees or charges, the provisions of the Sections of this Code imposing the fees or charges shall prevail.
Permit / Service Description
LAAC Section
Document review [1]
Dedication investigation, non-R3 [1]
Quitclaim of easement [1]
Relinquishment of future easement [1]
Release or modification of agreement [1]
Street/alley vacation processing [1]
Spur track application processing [1]
Spur track application renewal for 1st track [1]
Spur track renewal for additional track [1]
Public street name change [1]
   [1] A surcharge of 7% or $1, whichever is greater will be added to the listed fee pursuant to LAMC Section 61.03.
Chapter and Section Added by Ord. No. 182,237, Eff. 9-28-12.
Amended by: Ord. No. 184,054, Eff. 3-6-16.