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Sec. 7.3. Dedication of Land – Investigation and Processing Fee.
   Where an offer is made to dedicate property to the City of Los Angeles for public slope, street lighting, street tree, site distance, retaining wall, footing, street, sewer or storm drain purposes, the City shall not accept the offer until an investigation fee of $3,193 is paid to the Bureau of Engineering, and the Bureau has completed its investigation. Such fee shall not be applicable to any dedication made pursuant to Section 12.37 or Article 7 of Chapter I of the Los Angeles Municipal Code or pursuant to the formation of any Assessment District under State or local law. No fee or portion thereof shall be refunded in the event the offer of dedication is not accepted by the City. The investigation and processing fee may be waived or refunded where the dedication is not required as a condition precedent to the grant of a right by the City and the acquisition of such property substantially benefits the public safety or welfare.
Based on Ord. No. 68,643.
Sec. 7.2 Redesignated Sec. 7.3 by Ord. No. 171,735, Eff. 10-23-97.
Amended by: Ord. No. 152,427, Eff. 6-29-79; Ord. No. 152,776, Eff. 9-21-79; Ord. No. 155,518, Eff. 8-9-81; Ord. No. 156,856, Eff. 8-6-82; In Entirety, Ord. No. 163,802, Eff. 8-15-88; In Entirety, Ord. No. 163,804, Eff. 8-15-88; Ord. No. 171,735, Eff. 10-23-97.
Readopted by Ord. No. 173,281, Eff. 6-26-00, Oper-7-1-00.
Amended by: First Sentence, Ord. No. 182,237, Eff. 9-28-12; First Sentence, Ord. No. 184,054, Eff. 3-6-16.