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Sec. 22.481.  Purpose Defined.
   (a)   The Department is established to function as and to provide a single City government focal point for the proper planning, coordination, direction, management and operation of the City’s various ground transportation and ground transportation related activities.
   The Transportation Department shall, on behalf of the City:
   (1)   Consolidate and carry out programs previously assigned to various City departments or bureaus which have been transferred to or consolidated in the Department; centralize authority over the planning of transportation, traffic regulation and related uses of the City’s system of streets and highways; serve as the Department primarily responsible for the development and coordination of plans to meet varied ground transportation needs; provide a primary interface with other governmental agencies on transportation matters consistent with prior approved City Council policies and procedures; study traffic and related matters including the effect of laws and regulations relating to traffic; and secure information upon such subjects and provide information to the various departments and offices of the City concerning traffic accidents, congestion, lighting, and other conditions affecting the safe and convenient use of streets and other public ways for travel;
   (2)   Except as otherwise provided in the Charter, have authority over the location, installation and maintenance of all signs, signals, parking meters, and other traffic control devices; provided, however, that the authority conferred by this section shall not be construed to abridge the power of the Council to order any work or improvement that may affect or involve any of the aforesaid matters.
   (3)   Be responsible for the planning, acquisition, management and operation of City-owned off-street parking facilities, except for those facilities of departments having control of their own funds, and any facilities excepted as the Council by ordinance may direct;
   (4)   Regulate and administer railroad franchises granted by the City under Sections 13.7(1), (2) and (3) of this Code;
   (5)   Direct traffic at intersections and elsewhere and enforce parking restrictions through assignment of Traffic Officers, and persons appointed or authorized pursuant to authority of Vehicle Code Section 21100 and by assignment of school crossing guards. Remove abandoned vehicles from public highways provided that any vehicles investigated in connection therewith found to have been involved in or to be the subject of a crime shall be the responsibility of the Police Department.
   Duties performed by the Department of Transportation pursuant to this Subdivision (5) shall not operate to deprive Police Officers of the power or duty to act whenever necessary or appropriate within their authority.
Added by Ord. No. 151,832, Eff. 2-10-79, Oper. 2-25-79.
Amended by:  Subsec. (a)(4), Ord. No. 159,436, Eff. 11-18-84; Subsec. (a)(4), Ord. No. 170,600, Eff. 8-11-95; Subsec. (a)(4), Ord. No. 185,204, Eff. 11-22-17.