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Sec. 1164. Employment by the City of a Retired Member of the System.
   (a)   Prohibition. No person who shall have been retired from the service and employment of the City pursuant to the provisions of this System shall thereafter be paid for any service rendered as an officer or employee of the City, except for service rendered as an election officer, as an officer elected by the electors of the City, or as a Retired Member of the Board of Administration.
   (b)   Exception for Temporary Service. The Mayor may, at the request of the appointing authority, authorize employment of a Retired Member to a vacant position in a class in which he or she has been employed or, subject to the civil service provisions of the Charter, in any other position, for a period not to exceed 120 days in any fiscal year when such Member's services are required for an emergency or to prevent a stoppage of public business or when his or her special skills are needed to perform work of a limited duration. While so employed, the Retired Member will continue to receive his or her retirement allowance as a Retired Member, but will make no further contribution to the System, and will not be subject to any change in benefits from the System as the result of the employment.
   (c)   Exception for Board Fees and Employment as Election Employee. Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, no Retired Member appointed to a board of commissioners established by the Charter or by ordinance, shall be barred by reason of retirement from receiving the attendance fee provided for the members of the board, nor shall any Retired Member be barred by reason of retirement from receiving compensation for serving not more than 120 days in any calendar year as a temporary election employee exempted from the classified civil service of the City pursuant to the provisions of Section 1001 of the Charter. No Retired Member receiving compensation described in this subsection shall be considered as an active member of this System for any purpose.
Amended by: Subsec. (b), Charter Amendment Q § 6, approved March 8, 2011, effective April 8, 2011.