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Sec. 1156.  Transfer of Released Liability for Transferred Employees.
   If any City function and System Members who perform that function are transferred to another public agency, and if the receiving public agency affords System Members the opportunity to secure retirement credit for their City service in that public agency’s retirement system, then the Released Liability to this System for the transferred System Members who elect to transfer their accumulated contributions from this System to the retirement system of the receiving public agency shall be made available for payment on account of the required employer contribution for the retirement system of the receiving public agency.  The Released Liability shall be made available in the manner specified in the ordinance authorizing the transfer of the City function but in no event shall the amount of money made available exceed the required employer contributions on account of those System Members who request the transfer of their accumulated contributions.
   For the purpose of this section, the phrase Released Liability shall mean the City’s share of the actuarially determined present value of benefits earned to the date of the transfer under the LACERS and shall be based upon the rates of withdrawal and other actuarial assumptions in effect on the date of the transfer and an assumed interest factor as determined by the Board of Administration which reflects, as closely as practicable, the interest rate at which member contributions and the City reserves were credited as provided in Section 1162 for the six-month period immediately preceding the date of the transfer.