The following signs shall be allowed at any location within the City of Lorain upon application for and issuance of a sign permit, unless otherwise specified.
Table 1151.05, Temporary Signs
Type of Sign
Promotional signs, banners and displays
Within any business or mixed use district, in accordance with the following requirements:
a.   A temporary sign permit shall be obtained from the Zoning Administrator;
b.   The sign may be displayed for a maximum of thirty (30) days;
c.   No more than two (2) temporary signs shall be permitted for any business, organization or property within a calendar year and at least thirty (30) consecutive days shall elapse between the end of one (1) permit period and the start of the second.
d.   Materials of community interest may be erected within a street right-of-way or across a public street, causeway or walkway; provided, the Mayor approves the display and all materials are erected by a licensed, bonded and insured installer approved by the manager.
e.   Materials shall be of a quality, size and installation as to not cause litter, hazard or obstruction.
f.   All such signs, banners, displays and material shall remain the responsibility of the permit holder who shall be responsible for any damage, injury, or expense incurred by the City.
g.   If damaged or deteriorated, the material shall be removed immediately.
Table 1151.05, Temporary Signs (Cont.)
Type of Sign
Sandwich Board
a.   Within the B-3 Downtown Business District, each business may display one (1) sandwich board sign per street frontage.
b.   The sign shall not exceed eight (8) square feet per side in area. In addition, the width of the sign may not exceed two (2) linear feet, with a maximum height of four (4) feet. Within these specified maximum dimensions, creative shapes that reflect the theme of the business being advertised are encouraged (i.e. ice cream shop may display a sign in the shape of an ice cream cone).
c.   Sandwich board signs shall be displayed only during operational hours of the business being identified and shall not be lighted. These signs must be removed each day at the close of business.
d.   The sign shall be placed on a sidewalk directly in front of the associated establishment and the nearest part of the sign structure shall not be separated by more than two (2) feet from the wall of the building. The sign must be placed so as not to interfere with or obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic; provided, a minimum of five (5) feet of passage must be maintained on the sidewalk between the street and the sign. Signs may not be anchored to the sidewalk, or attached or chained to poles, newspaper vending boxes, or other structures or appurtenances.
e.   The sign must be constructed of materials that present a finished appearance. Rough cut plywood is not acceptable. The sign lettering should be professionally painted or applied; a "yard sale" or "graffiti" look with hand painted or paint-stenciled letters is not acceptable, however, chalkboard signs shall be permitted.
Subdivision or Multi-Family Real Estate Development Sign
Within any zoning district, one (1) temporary subdivision or multiple-family development sign may be permitted per street frontage, in accordance with the following requirements:
a.   A temporary sign permit shall be obtained from the Zoning Administrator;
b.   Maximum sign area shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet of area;
c.   Minimum setback distance from any right-of-way and adjoining property line shall be ten (10) feet; and
d.   The temporary sign permit shall expire twelve (12) months from the date it is issued or until the project is eighty-five percent (85%) occupied, whichever is greater.
Non-exempt Yard Signs
Any rigid frame yard sign exceeding the maximum area specified in Table 1151.03 for such sign shall be required to obtain a sign permit; provided, in any case, rigid frame yard signs shall not exceed a maximum area of twenty-four (24) sq. ft. and shall be set back from any property line at least twenty (20) feet.
(Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)