(a)   Application Requirements. An application shall be submitted on a form for that purpose, along with a required application fee as established by the City Council. Only applications by licensed sign contractors shall be accepted. All sign applications shall include the following information:
      (1)   Location of building, structure or lot on which the sign is to be erected or attached.
      (2)   Detailed colored drawing to illustrate the dimensions, design, materials and structure of each sign.
      (3)   Site drawing to scale, showing the property boundaries, street right-of-way line, curb line, building location, access drives and location of all ground, directional, menu or other sign proposed to be located on the ground.  The setback dimension from the right-of-way line and the curb line to the nearest edge of the sign shall be shown on the site plan.
      (4)   Photographs of the property or building upon which the sign is to be erected or attached.
      (5)   Building elevations, illustrating the position of wall, awning, projecting or other signs to be mounted on the building.
      (6)   Plans, specifications and method of construction for attachment to the building or in the ground.
      (7)   Name and address of the sign erector.
      (8)   Any electrical permit required and issued for such sign.
      (9)   Specifications for electronic changeable message signs, including brightness levels (day and night), automatic dimming mechanism, display colors and other relevant information.
      (10)   In the case of a billboard, the site plan shall also show the horizontal distance to the nearest existing billboard within 350 feet, horizontal distance to the nearest residential district property line within 350 feet and horizontal distance to the nearest park, playground or public or semi-public building. If any of the above does not exist within the stated distances, it shall be so noted on the plan.
      (11)   Other information that the Zoning Administrator may require to ensure full compliance with this and all other applicable laws of the city and State.
   (b)   Approval.  The Zoning Administrator shall decide on an application within seven (7) days of submission.  The Zoning Administrator shall approve the application and issue a sign permit if it is determined that the application fully complies with the requirements of this chapter. 
   (c)   Fees. Fees to be paid in conjunction with the submission of a sign application may be changed as provided for in the Lorain Codified Ordinance, as may be amended from time to time.  (Ord. 4-21. Passed 1-4-21.)