The following signs are prohibited in the City of Lorain:
   (a)   Any sign not specifically permitted.
   (b)   Abandoned signs that identify an activity, business, use, product or service no longer conducted or available.
   (c)   Off-premise signs.
   (d)   The use of trucks, cars, trailers, aircraft, boats or similar vehicles as signs is prohibited when the vehicle is parked on public or private property within fifty (50) feet of any property line abutting a public street, except for those:
      (1)   Lawfully parked overnight or during non-business hours in a place not visible from a public street or designated truck parking or loading area;
      (2)   Making deliveries, sales calls or other customary practices relating to doing business;
      (3)   Making trips to transport persons or property;
      (4)   Used in conjunction with active construction operations on the site; or
      (5)   Passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks and vans containing signs that do not exceed sixteen (16) square feet in area painted on or permanently affixed to the doors or integral body panels and such vehicles are of a size that can fully fit within a standard parking space.
   (e)   Roof signs.
   (f)   Search lights, "twirling signs", balloons, other gas or air-filled figures, pennants or streamers: provided, this shall not be construed to prohibit decorations related to the observance of traditional national, state or local holidays or special events of national, state or local significance.
   (g)   Signs that are held by or supported by a person along a public street.
   (h)   Blade or feather signs.
   (i)   Portable signs, except as allowed under Section 1151.05.
   (j)   Miscellaneous signs and posters visible from a roadway that are tacked, pasted or otherwise affixed to the walls of buildings or structures or on trees, poles, posts, fences or other structures.
   (k)   Signs or any portion of a sign or sign structure which moves or assumes any motion or gives the illusion of movement, unless specifically permitted by this chapter.
   (l)   Signs bearing or containing statements, words or pictures of an obscene, pornographic, or immoral character.
   (m)   Signs painted on or attached to any fence or wall which is not structurally a part of a building. 
   (n)   Signs that emit audible sound, odor or visible matter.
      (Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)