151.01   Commission rules adopted
   151.02   Purpose of rules; thoroughfare plan
   151.03   Commission endorsement of plat
   151.04   Conveying by lots; street access and frontage
   151.05   Street patterns
   151.06   Street widths
   151.07   Frontage; size of lots
   151.08   Setback lines and other restrictions
   151.09   Easements for utility lines
   151.10   Street names
   151.11   Preliminary informal consultation encouraged
   151.12   Preliminary plat; conditional approval
   151.13   Final plat; final commission approval
   151.14   Title proof
   151.15   Owner statement dedicating public areas
   151.16   Street improvements for areas within 3-mile radius
   151.17   Modifications in cases of hardship
Standards for Improvements
   151.30   Guarantee of improvement installation
   151.31   Streets, curbs, and storm drainage
   151.32   Street grading
   151.33   Specifications for street surface and curbs
   151.34   Water lines
   151.35   Sanitary sewerage
   151.36   Sewerage and water line for each lot
   151.37   Drainage for lots
   151.38   Improvements by assessment with council consent
   151.39   Rule compliance before lot sale or construction
   151.40   Modifications in cases of hardship
   151.99   Penalty