70.01   Obstructional parking; double parking
   70.02   Manner of parking
   70.03   Limitations on stopping and parking
   70.04   Restrictions and prohibitions on designated street, road or alley
   70.05   Parking restricted to allow street, road or alley cleaning
   70.06   Parking in excess of certain number of hours prohibited; towing authorized
   70.07   Parking on parade route
   70.08   Owner responsibility
   70.09   Parking in parks
   70.10   Parking with handicapped permits
   70.11   Impoundment of vehicle authorized; redemption
   70.12   Required notice to owner
   70.13   Sale of vehicle
   70.14   Announcement of snow emergency
   70.15   Termination of emergency
   70.16   Snow emergency routes
   70.99   Penalty