West Virginia Fire Code
1511.01   Adopted; purpose; copies.
1511.02   Unvented heaters.
1511.03   National standards and codes.
1511.04   Sprinkler protection and area limitations.
1511.05   Carpet used as floor covering.
1511.06   Maintenance of fire hazard.
1511.07   Interference with fire protection equipment.
1511.08   Fire alarm systems.
1511.09   Exit inspections and public life safety announcements.
1511.10   Orders and decisions of the Fire Chief; appeals.
1511.11   Forest fire season.
1511.12   License for electrical work.
1511.13   NICET Certification for Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems.
1511.14   Residential board and care occupancies.
1511.15   Storage of DOT classified fireworks wholesale distributors.
1511.16   Crossing fire hose.
1511.17   Emergency vehicle permits.
1511.18   Explosives amendment to NFPA 495, Explosive Materials Code.
1511.19   Propane gas training program certification.
1511.20   Administration and  enforcement.
1511.21   Duration of permits; permit fees.
1511.22   Modifications.
1511.23   Appeals; injunctions.
1511.24   Violations.
1511.25   Conflicts of law.
1511.26   Updating provisions.
1511.99   Penalty.
Adoption by reference - see W. Va. Code 8-11-4
Promulgation of State Fire Code - see W. Va. Code 29-3-5