General Provisions
   90.01   Limitation on riding and driving any animal
   90.02   Requirements governing stables and other places where animals or fowl kept
   90.03   Certain animals not to run at large, subject to impoundment
   90.04   Pound keeper
   90.05   Maintenance and redemption of impounded animals; disposition of unredeemed animals; disposition of expenses and fees when animal redeemed
   90.06   Expenses and fees allowed to pound keeper
   90.07   Sale of unredeemed animals and disposition of purchase price; recovery by owner of animal of purchase price less costs and the like
   90.08   Prohibited breaking of pounds or obstructing persons impounding animals under provisions of this chapter
Dog and Cat Regulations and Licenses
   90.20   Definitions
   90.21   License required
   90.22   Dangerous dogs; registration
   90.23   Annual registration; issuance and duration of licenses; license fees
   90.24   Dogs and cats not permitted to run at large
   90.25   Barking; loud or unusual noises; nuisances
   90.26   Impoundment of rabies suspects
   90.27   Vaccination of dog or cat
   90.28   Handling of dogs and cats bitten by rabid animals
   90.29   Reports of bite cases
   90.30   Dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs
   90.31   Maximum number of animals of the dog and cat kind
   90.32   Resident occupant
   90.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Animals and strays generally, see M.S. Chapter 346
   Dogs, see M.S. Chapter 347