General Provisions
   95.01   Definitions
   95.02   Enforcement
   95.03   Powers and duties of the administrative agency
   95.04   Abatement by city
   95.05   Recovery by city of expenses of litter removal
Conveyance of Loose Materials on Public Ways
   95.15   Vehicles dropping contents on street
   95.16   Regulations for use of garbage or refuse disposal vehicles
Maintenance of Property
   95.30   Litter collection and storage areas
   95.31   Duty to collect litter
   95.32   Neglected premises visible to the public
   95.33   Areas around business premises
   95.34   Keeping unsanitary matter on premises
   95.35   Loading or unloading docks
   95.36   Construction sites
   95.37   Maintaining sidewalks and alleys
   95.38   Abandoned garbage containers
   95.39   Neglected refuse containers
   95.40   Bed bugs and other infestations
Litter Receptacles
   95.50   Public places
   95.51   Parking lots
   95.52   Private premises
   95.53   Specifications
   95.54   Periodic emptying of receptacles
   95.55   Prevention of scattering
   95.56   Upsetting or tampering with receptacles
   95.57   Litter receptacles obstructing traffic
   95.58   Exterior of litter receptacles
   95.59   Receptacles to be provided by the city
   95.60   Exemptions
   95.70   Throwing or distributing handbills in public places
   95.71   Placing handbills in vehicles
   95.72   Distribution of handbills on vacant private premises
   95.73   Premises posted against handbill distribution
   95.74   Manner of handbill distribution on inhabited private premises
   95.75   Clean-up
   95.76   Activities exempt from the application of this subchapter
   95.99   Penalty