(A)   Pursuant to § 150.44, Dwellings Unfit for Human Habitation, establishing, among other provisions, powers of local inspectors to inspect properties located in the city, it shall be unlawful for any property owner to allow infestation of bed bugs, or any other pests, in any property for longer than seven working days from the first report of said problem.
   (B)   This section may be enforced by the Code Enforcement Officer, City Attorney, or any other duly authorized designee of Common Council.
   (C)   Any individual, business or entity found to be in violation of this section shall be fined up to $2,500 for each offense. Each day after seven days during, or which, such condition is permitted to exist in violation of this section shall be deemed a separate offense. See any additional penalties in § 95.99.
   (D)   In addition to fines imposed hereunder, any individual, business or entity deemed to be in violation of this section shall be responsible for all clean-up costs pursuant to § 95.04 and reasonable attorney fees or costs incurred by the city in the enforcement and prosecution of this section.
(Ord. passed 2-7-11)  Penalty, see § 95.99