§ 27-502. Agricultural.
   1.   Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Facilities. Within the AG district, animal hospitals and veterinary facilities are permitted by special exception subject to the following criteria:
      A.   Outdoor animal pens, stalls or runways shall be located within the rear yard.
      B.   Outdoor animal pens stalls or runways shall be a minimum of 100 feet from all property lines.
   2.   Beekeeping. Within the AG district, beekeeping is permitted as a conditional use subject to the following criteria:
      A.   It shall be the duty of the applicant to maintain each colony so as not to create a public nuisance.
      B.   Hives shall be located no closer than 100 feet from any property line.
      C.   All hives shall have access to an onsite water supply. Unless a natural water supply exists on the subject property, the applicant shall furnish a water-filled tank with a board or crushed rock for the bees to land on.
      D.   Adequate techniques in handling bees such as requeening and adequate hive space, shall be maintained to prevent unprovoked offsite stinging.
   3.   Farm-Related Businesses. Within the AG district farm-related businesses are a permitted use subject to the following standards:
      A.   The applicant must provide evidence that the proposed use is essential to local farming and is appropriately sized to serve primarily local users. Such farmrelated businesses include, but need not be limited to blacksmith shops, butcher shops and sale of agricultural products produced on premises.
      B.   Uses located on lots not serviced by both public sewer and water shall have a minimum lot size of 1 acre.
      C.   No part of a farm-related business shall be within 100 feet of a stream or sinkhole.
      D.   The length of any onsite access drive(s) shall be sufficient to allow the stacking of delivery and/or customer vehicles. A paved apron of at least 50 feet from the street right-of-way shall be provided. In addition another 50 foot gravel section shall be located beyond the paved apron.
      E.   A vegetative buffer yard must be provided in accordance with § 22-411(6) of the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance [Chapter 22]. Such a buffer yard shall be required when a commercial business abuts an agricultural area. Certain pieces of apparatus used for farm-related businesses, which create noxious dust, odor, light or noise, shall require greater setbacks and vegetative screening, as determined by the Board of Supervisors.
      F.   One sign which shall not exceed 12 square feet in total area shall be permitted for a farm-related business.
      G.   Any building constructed for the farm-related business shall be of a type that it can be converted to agricultural use in the event the farm-related business is discontinued (e.g., barn or shed).
      H.   The Board of Supervisors may also attach such other reasonable conditions as deemed appropriate.
   4.   Kennels, Commercial. Within the R-1 and AG districts, kennels are permitted by as a conditional use subject to the following requirements:
      A.   The minimum lot area shall be 2 acres.
      B.   Outdoor pens, stalls or runways shall be located within the rear yard.
      C.   Outdoor pens, stalls or runways shall be a minimum of 100 feet away from all property lines.
      D.   All outdoor running areas shall be enclosed.
      E.   All animal wastes shall be regularly cleaned.
      F.   The applicant shall demonstrate a working plan to prevent or alleviate any noise problems emanating from animals boarded on the site.
   5.   Horse Stable (Individual). Within the RRC, AG or O/R districts, individual horse stables are a permitted use. Within the R-1, R-2 or VC districts, individual horse stables are permitted as a special exception subject to the following requirements:
      A.   No horse shall be kept on property deemed by the Township to be inadequate in size.
      B.   No horse shall be kept in populated areas where the immediate neighbors object.
   6.   Residential Development in Agricultural District. See § 27-506(5) for proposed residential development in the agricultural zoning district. See § 27- (8) for proposed residential development in the scenic preservation overlay area.
   7.   Riding School and/or Horse Boarding Stable. Within the AG district, riding schools and/or horse boarding stables are permitted by special exception subject to the following criteria.
      A.   Minimum lot area - 10 acres.
      B.   Any structure used for the boarding of horses shall be setback at least 100 feet from any property line.
      C.   All outdoor training, show, riding, boarding or pasture areas shall be enclosed by a minimum 4 foot high fence, which will be located at least 10 feet from all property lines.
      D.   All parking compounds and unimproved overflow parking areas shall be set back at least 10 feet from adjoining lot lines. Unimproved overflow parking areas shall also provide a fence delineating such occasional parking facilities and preventing the parking environment or movement of vehicles across neighboring properties.
   8.   [Reserved]. [Ord. 06-08-2009]
   9.   Commercial uses may be created within existing structures in accordance with the following:
      A.   Bed and breakfast and home occupations are permitted in existing structures of this district provided:
         (1)   There is no change in the external appearance of the structure.
         (2)   Any addition to structures shall not exceed 25% of the first floor area.
         (3)   Such addition shall complement the existing structure in terms of scale, building materials, roof line and window and door treatments.
         (4)   Such additions shall be approved by the Planning Commission.
      B.   Signage shall be limited to one sign not to exceed 6 square feet.
   10.   Municipal/Public Buildings. Township Municipal or public buildings, including administration buildings, police facilities, recreation buildings, libraries, museums or road maintenance facilities shall be a permitted use within the R-1, VC, and RRC Districts, as a special exception in the AG District and as a conditional use in the H-I and L-I Districts subject to the following requirements:
      A.   The buffer requirements of § 27-806 of this Chapter shall be met.
      B.   Parking requirements shall be determined by the Planning Commission for permitted uses, by the Zoning Hearing Board for special exceptions, and by the Township Supervisors for conditional uses.
[Ord. 11-13-2006(b)]
   11.   Cottage Industries. Cottage industries may only be permitted in the Agricultural Zoning District of the Township and will require approval as a conditional use from the Board of Supervisors.
      A.   A cottage industry shall be defined as an accessory commercial or industrial use of a residential or agricultural tract of ground which is clearly secondary to the use of the premises as a residence or farm. Cottage industries are intended to enhance the economy of the Township by producing an opportunity for land owners in the Agriculture District to establish accessory business activities, in addition to farm-related businesses, without requiring the subdivision or fragmentation of rural lands.
      B.   Cottage industries shall be conducted within an enclosed building typical of farm buildings, exclusive of the resident’s dwelling. All buildings used for cottage industries must remain compatible with the character of the farm and the rural setting in which they are located.
      C.   The area devoted to production, storage and sales associated with the cottage industry shall be limited to a total of 5,000 square feet of gross floor area.
      D.   No outdoor, un-enclosed storage and/or displays associated with a cottage industry shall be permitted.
      E.   The cottage industry must be owned and operated by the individual who is the owner and resident of the dwelling or farm on which it is located. There shall be no more than two nonresident individuals engaged in the cottage industry.
      F.   There shall be no exterior display or sign to advertise the cottage industry, except that one sign shall be permitted for a cottage industry which shall not exceed 12 square feet in total area and which shall be subject to the sign regulations set forth in Part 7 of this Chapter.
      G.   The cottage industry shall create no adverse impact on existing traffic or circulation patterns in the neighborhood and, unless specifically waived by the Board of Supervisors, shall utilize the existing means of access from any street to the residence or farm where the cottage industry is operated.
      H.   Each cottage industry shall comply with § 27-408 of this Chapter regulating off- street parking and § 27-410 of this Chapter regulating loading and unloading, exclusive of § 27-410.E pertaining to surfacing. Nevertheless, loading and unloading spaces shall have an approved all-weather surface.
      I.   Cottage industries may include the following “low” or “moderate” intensity service or industrial activity:
         (1)   Custom woodworking, furniture or cabinetry shops.
         (2)   Craftsmanship shops.
         (3)   Small engine and/or lawn and garden equipment repair.
      J.   Requests for other cottage industries not specified above may be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. Upon finding of the Board that such use complies with the criteria of this Section, other applicable codes and ordinances in effect in the Township, and that the proposed use would not be detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the neighbor hood where it is to be located, such use may be approved.
      K.   All cottage industries approved as a conditional use shall comply with the area and bulk regulations as specified in § 27-302 of this Chapter pertaining to commercial kennels within the Agriculture (AG) Zoning District of the Township, which includes a minimum lot size of 2 acres.
[Ord. 8-13-2007A]
(Ord. 3/9/1993B, § 501; as amended by Ord. 8/14/2006, 8/14/2006, § 1; by Ord. 11-13-2006(b), 11/13/2006, §I; by Ord. 8-13-2007A, 8/13/2007, §IV; and by Ord. 06-08-2009, 6/8/2009, §I)