§ 18-401. Definitions.
Unless the context specifically and clearly indicates otherwise, the meaning of terms and phrases used in this Part shall be as follows:
   AUTHORITY - East Nittany Valley Joint Municipal Authority, a Pennsylvania municipality authority, organized and existing under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, approved May 2, 1945, P.L. 382, as amended and supplemented.
   BUILDING SEWER - the extension from the sewage drainage system of any structure to the lateral of a sewer.
   IMPROVED PROPERTY - any property located within this Township upon which there is erected a structure intended for continuous or periodic habitation, occupancy or use by human beings or animals and from which structure sanitary sewage and/or industrial wastes shall be or may be discharged.
   INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENT - any improved property located in this Township used wholly or in part for the manufacturing, processing, cleaning, laundering or assembly of any product, commodity or article, or any other improved property located in this Township from which wastes, in addition to or other than sanitary sewage, are discharged.
   INDUSTRIAL WASTES - any and all wastes discharged from an industrial establishment, other than sanitary sewage.
   LATERAL - that part of the sewer system extending from a sewer to the curb line or, if there shall be no curb line, extending to the property line or easement line or, if no-such lateral shall be provided, then "lateral" shall mean that portion of, or place in, a sewer which is provided for connection of any building sewer, including a grinder pump if installed by the Authority.
   OWNER - any person vested with ownership, legal or equitable, sole or partial, of any improved property.
   PERSON - any individual, partnership, company, association, society, corporation or other group or entity.
   SANITARY SEWAGE - normal water-carried household and toilet wastes discharged from any improved property, as more particularly set forth in the rules and regulations of the Authority.
   SERVICE AREA - that portion of this Township intended to be served by the sewer system, as set forth on maps designated, from time to time, by the Authority as the "Sewer System Service Area Maps."
   SEWER - any pipe or conduit constituting a part of the Sewer system used or usable for sewage collection purposes, including a building sewer and a lateral.
   SEWER SYSTEM - all facilities, as of any particular time, for collecting, transporting, pumping, treating and/or disposing of sanitary sewage and/or industrial wastes, situate in this Township, to be constructed, acquired, owned, maintained and operated by the Authority in, adjacent to and for certain portions of this Township.
   TOWNSHIP - this Township acting by and through its Board of Supervisors, or, in appropriate cases, by and through its authorized representatives.
(Ord. 2000-2, 2/14/2000, Art. I)