§ 18-403. Building Sewers and Connections.
   1.   No person shall uncover, connect with, make any opening into or use, alter or disturb, in any manner, any sewer or the sewer system without first making application for and securing a permit, in writing, from the Authority.
   2.   Except as otherwise provided in this § 18-403(2), each improved property shall be connected separately and independently with a sewer through a building sewer. Grouping of more than one improved property on one building sewer shall not be permitted, except under special circumstances and for good sanitary reasons or other good cause shown, and then only after special permission of this Township and the Authority, in writing, shall have been secured.
   3.   All costs and expenses of construction of a building sewer and all costs and expenses of connection of a building sewer to a lateral shall be borne by the owner of the improved property to be connected; and such owner shall indemnify and save harmless this Township and the Authority from all loss or damage that may be occasioned, directly or indirectly, as a result of construction of a building sewer or of connection of a building sewer to a sewer.
   4.   A building sewer shall be connected to a sewer at the place designated by the Authority and where the lateral is provided. The invert of a building sewer at the point of connection to a lateral shall be at the same or a higher elevation than the invert of the lateral. A smooth, neat joint shall be made and the connection of a building sewer to the lateral shall be made secure and watertight.
   5.   If the owner of any improved property located in this Township and adjoining or adjacent to or whose principal building is within 150 feet from the sewer system, after 60 days' notice from this township, in accordance with § 18-402(1), shall fail to connect such improved Property, as required, this Township may make such connection and may collect from such owner the costs and expenses thereof. In such case, this Township shall forthwith, upon completion of the work, send an itemized bill of the cost of the construction of such connection to the owner of the improved property to which connection has been so made, which bill shall be payable immediately or if the owner of such improved property fails to pay said bill, this Township shall file a municipal lien for the cost of said construction within 6 months of the date of the completion of said connection.
(Ord. 2000-2, 2/14/2000, Art. III)