§ 18-307. Condition of Privy Use.
   1.   The property owner must show that site and soil suitability testing of the lot has been conducted by the sewage enforcement officer and that the site meets the 25 Pa. Code Ch. 73 (“Standards for Sewage Disposal Facilities”) requirements for the ultimate sewage disposal by an approved onlot system if water under pressure or piped waste water becomes available to the lot.
   2.   At such time that water under pressure becomes available, the property owner must remove the privy and replace the privy with an approved onlot system.
   3.   The conditions of use described in subsection (1) do not apply:
      A.   To a privy to be used on an isolated lot which is not nor will not be served by water under pressure in the future.
      B.   To temporary use of portable retention tanks where their use is proposed at construction sites or at the site of public gatherings and entertainment.
   4.   Specific conditions for use of privies shall be incorporated in the permit application and permit for the proposed use of a privy.
   5.   The authority is provided the opportunity to inspect the privy for proper operation, maintenance and content disposal.
(Ord. 55-5-98, 7/28/1998, § 7)