(a)   All employees retained on duty or called back to duty, for whatever reason, shall be paid in accordance with the overtime formula provided herein. Any employee called back to duty for any reason shall receive credit for a minimum of three hours worked, or actual time worked, whichever is greater.
   (b)   Compensation owed for all overtime work shall be accrued in an overtime account of each employee at the rate of one and one-half times the actual time worked, subject to the minimum credit for call-back referred to above. Accrued time in the overtime account of each employee, not taken by him in the form of compensatory time, shall be paid him at his current hourly earning rate at the time of the employee's retirement, termination or resignation, or to his estate in case of the employee's death.
   (c)   All compensation in the form of compensatory time off shall be subject to the approval of the Director of Public Safety.
   (d)   Compensatory time off as provided in this section shall be effective February 1, 1978.  (Ord. 30-78.  Passed 4-3-78.)