A member of the Division of Fire may, at the time of his retirement, elect to receive all terminal leave benefits including accrued overtime, unused vacation leave, unused holiday leave, accrued longevity, accrued uniform allowance, and any other unused compensatory time, in one lump sum payment. If the lump sum payment is accepted by the member, he shall be deemed to have terminated his employment at the time of his acceptance.
   When a member of the Division of Fire dies while in paid status, any terminal leave benefits to his credit, as set forth herein, shall be paid in a lump sum to the surviving spouse, if any, and if there is no surviving spouse, then to the estate of the deceased.
   Nothing herein shall be construed to supersede or control policies and procedures of the Police and Firemen's Disability and Pension Fund, as established and operating pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapter 742.  (Ord. 65-69.  Passed 9-15-69.)