(a)   Temporary Absence. When the mayor is absent and inaccessible, or is unable for any cause to perform the duties of the office of mayor, the person designated by ordinance or resolution of council shall be the acting mayor until the mayor resumes the office.
   If the mayor does not resume the duties of the office within 60 days, council shall declare the office vacant and appoint an interim mayor as specified in Section 3.8(b).
   (b)   Vacancy in the Office of Mayor.  In the case of the death, resignation or removal of the mayor, the mayor ceasing to reside and remain a registered voter in the city, or other vacancy in the office of mayor, council shall appoint an interim mayor. Until council meets and appoints by a majority vote of its members a qualified person to serve as interim mayor, the acting mayor shall assume the duties of the office. The appointment of an interim mayor shall be made within 60 days of the vacancy.
   If the vacancy occurs more than two years and 120 days before the municipal primary election for the next term of that office, the interim mayor shall serve only until his or her successor is elected and qualified at the next regular municipal election.  If the vacancy occurs afterward, the interim mayor shall serve until the end of the unexpired term of the former mayor. Any vacancy that results from a recall election shall be filled in the manner provided by Article Nine.