SECTION 1. The City Council shall have power within the City, by ordinance–
   First–To levy and collect, annually, taxes on the assessed value of all real and personal estate and property within the City, and all personal property of the inhabitants thereof made taxable by the laws of the state for state purposes, to defray the general, special and contingent expenses of the City and all other appropriations not otherwise provided for.
   Second–To require, and it is hereby made the duty, of every male resident of the City, over the age of twenty-one (21) years, to labor three days in each year upon the streets and alleys of the City; but any person may, at his option, pay, in lieu thereof, such sum as the City Council shall designate as the price or value of such labor: provided, the same shall be paid within ten (10) days after notification by the supervisor, and provided, further, that ten (10) hours of labor shall be required to constitute a day’s work under this section. In default of payment, as aforesaid, the sum aforesaid and twenty-five (25) per cent added thereto and costs may be collected; and no set-off shall be allowed in any suit brought to collect the same; provided, that any person who shall make said City his place of abode for the space of sixty (60) days shall be deemed a resident of said City for the purposes of this section.
   SECTION 2. All personal property of the inhabitants of said City, within said City, made taxable by the laws of the states and all other personal property therein, shall be assessed and taxable within said City; and said inhabitants shall, as in other cases required by law, render and state unto the City assessor a full and accurate statement, when called upon, of all moneys, rights, credits, bank stock, railroad and other stock, in any corporate company, wherever the same may be and all personal property and effects of every name and nature, as aforesaid.