SECTION 1. It shall not be lawful for any person to make or sell, or keep for sale, any spirituous or intoxicating liquors, anywhere within the corporate township within which the said City of Lake Forest is situated; and any person or persons found violating this section shall be liable, for each offense, to a fine in any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars, and may be prosecuted for such offense before any police or other magistrate in the County of Lake jurisdiction of such offenses, whenever committed in said township, being hereby given to the aforesaid officers, who, in addition to the said fine, shall have power to commit the offender to the jail of said county until the fine and costs of the prosecution are fully paid.
   SECTION 2. The City Council shall, at least ten (10) days before the annual election in each year, cause to be published in the corporation newspaper, or by postings a correct and full statement of the receipts and expenditures from the date of the last annual report, together with the sources from whence the former are derived, and the mode of disbursement, and also a distinct statement of the whole amount assessed, received and expended in the respective wards and divisions of the City, for making and repairing streets, highways and, bridges for the same period, together with such information as may be necessary to a full understanding of the financial concerns of the City.
   SECTION 3. The inhabitants of the City of Lake Forest are hereby exempted from, working upon any road or highway beyond the limits of the City, and from paying the tax in lieu thereof without said limits.
   SECTION 4. The Supervisor shall demand the services of all persons who are required to labor on the streets, alleys and highways of the City, at such time and place, and in such manner, as the City council may direct, or the Supervisor shall deem necessary. He shall deliver or cause to be delivered, or left at the usual place of abode or business of any persons so required to labor, as aforesaid, a written or printed notice or partly written or partly printed notice in such form as the City Council shall prescribe; which notice shall be given at least five (5) days previous to the first day on which he or they are required to labor, requiring such person to appear at such time and place as may be designated, for the purpose of laboring upon the streets, alleys or highways. Upon neglect of any person to appear and labor, as aforesaid, or to pay the sum designated by the city council as an equivalent for such labor, the collector shall collect from such person, in the same manner as other taxes, the sum assessed against such person, and twenty-five (25) per cent added thereto; with his commission for collecting the same added thereto; or the same may be recovered by suit, with costs, as in other cases.
   SECTION 5. The City Council shall have power to establish, make and declare the boundaries and names of streets, alleys and highways, and to change the same at pleasure.
   SECTION 6. All fines, forfeitures and penalties collected for offenses committed within said City shall be paid into the treasury of said City by the officer collecting the same. All fines and forfeitures collected for any conviction in the Circuit Court, for any offense committed in said City, shall be paid over in like manner.
   SECTION 7. All licenses, either county or state, which are or may be required to be taken out by state or city law within said City, shall be taken from the City Clerk of said City, in like manner as City licenses, any state law to the contrary notwithstanding: and the fee or charge therefor shall be paid into the City Treasury.
   SECTION 8. The City Council shall have power to require that all additions or subdivisions of land within the limits of said City shall be so laid out or platted as to correspond and conform to the regular blocks, streets, alleys and highways already laid out and established within said City, and shall have the further power to direct in what manner lots and blocks shall be numbered or designated in such subdivisions hereafter to be made, and re-number the lots and blocks in said City, and make a map thereof and such map, certified by the City Clerk, shall be admitted to record in the County of Lake, and copies thereof, purporting to be published by authority of said City, shall be received in evidence, in all courts and places, as prima facie correct.
   SECTION 9. The Lake Forest Cemetery, and public parks belonging to said City, shall be managed under the control and direction of the City Council; and said Council may, for such purpose, appoint one or more superintendents and agents to conduct and manage the same.
   SECTION 10. The Supervisor, in addition to the penalties prescribed by ordinance, shall, for willful neglect of duty, be liable to indictment and fine, in the same manner as supervisors under the laws of this state.
   SECTION 11. Neither the City Council nor Mayor shall remit any fine or penalty imposed upon any person for a violation of any laws or ordinances of said City, or release from confinement, unless two-thirds of all the Aldermen elected shall vote for such release or remission nor shall anything in this act be so construed as to oust any court of jurisdiction to abate and remove nuisances within its jurisdiction, by indictment or otherwise.
   SECTION 12. No vote of the City Council shall be reconsidered or rescinded at a special meeting, unless the meeting be called, in whole or in part, for that purpose, and the Aldermen so notified, and unless, at such special meeting, there shall be present as large a number of Aldermen as was present when such vote was taken.
   SECTION 13. The publication of ordinances, notices, and other matter in this act required, may be by publishing the same in the corporation newspaper, or by posting copies thereof in three public places in the City by the City Clerk; and the certificate of the City Clerk, endorsed in the original, setting forth the fact of such publication or posting, shall be evidence of the same.
   SECTION 14. All actions brought to recover any penalty or forfeiture incurred under this act, or any ordinance, by law or police regulation made in pursuance thereof, shall be brought in the corporate name. It shall be lawful to declare, generally, in debt for such penalty, fine or forfeiture, stating the clause of this act, or the by-law or ordinance, under which the penalty or forfeiture is claimed, and to give the special (matter) in evidence under it.
   SECTION 15. In all prosecutions for the violation of an ordinance, by-law or other regulation, the first process shall be a summons, unless oath or affirmation be made for a warrant, as in other cases.
   SECTION 16. Execution may issue immediately on rendition of judgment. If the defendant has no goods or chattels or real estate within the County of Lake, whereof the judgment can be collected, the execution shall require the defendant to be confined in the county jail or work house, or City prison, for a term not exceeding six months, in the discretion of the court rendering judgment; and all persons who may be committed under this section shall he confined one day for each one dollar of such judgment and costs. All expenses incurred in any execution for recovery of any fine, penalty or forfeiture, when collected, shall be paid into the City Treasury.
   SECTION 17. No person shall be an incompetent judge, justice, witness or juror, by reason of his being an inhabitant or a freeholder in the City of Lake Forest, in any action or proceeding in which said city may be a party in interest.
   SECTION 18. All ordinances regulations and resolutions now in force in the City of Lake Forest, and not inconsistent with this act, shall remain in force under this act, until altered, modified or repealed by the City Council, after this act shall take effect; and all said ordinances, regulations and resolutions, and all acts, proceedings, matters and things, of any and every name and nature whatsoever, done or provided to be done throughout the limits of said City, as herein and hereby extended by the City Council of the City of Lake Forest, before their successors shall have been elected under this act, and hereby made and declared to be valid.
   SECTION 19. The offices of the Aldermen now acting as such in said City shall become vacant at the first annual election after the passage of this act; and there shall be elected, at said election, six Aldermen, two of whom shall be chosen from that division of the City east of the railway and north of Deerpath avenue, two others from that part east of the railway and south of Deerpath avenue and two others fron that part West of the railway; and such Aldermen so chosen shall constitute the first board of aldermen for said City; and said divisions shall, respectively, comprise the firsts second and third wards of the City, in the order above designated until changed by the City Council.
   SECTION 20. All rights, actions, fines, penalties and forfeitures, in suit or otherwise which have heretofore accrued to the City at any times shall be vested in and prosecuted by the corporation hereby created.
   SECTION 21. All property, real, personal or mixed, belonging to the City of Lake Forest, is hereby vested in the corporation created by this act; and the officers of said corporation now in office shall, respectively, continue in the same until superseded in conformity to the provisions hereof, but shall be governed by this act, which shall take effect from and after its passage,
   SECTION 22. The style of all ordinances shall be: “Be it enacted by the City Council of the City of Lake Forest.”
   SECTION 23. All ordinances of the City may be proven by the seal of the corporation, and the certificate of the City Clerk; and when printed and published in a book or pamphlet form, and purporting to be printed and published by authority of the City, the same shall be received in evidence in all courts and places without further proof.
   SECTION 24. This act shall not invalidate any legal act done by the City Council of the City of Lake Forest, or by its officers, nor divest their successors, under this act, of any rights of property or otherwise, or liability which may have accrued to or been created by said corporation prior to the passage of this act.
   SECTION 25. All officers of the City created conservators of the peace, by this act, or authorized by any ordinance, shall have power to arrest, or cause to be arrested, with or without warrant or process, all persons who shall break the peace, or threaten to break the peace, or be found violating any ordinance of the City, commit for examination, and if necessary, detain such persons in custody over night or the Sabbath, in the watch house or other safe place, until they can be brought before a magistrate; and shall have and exercise such other powers as conservators of the peace as the City Council may prescribe.
   SECTION 26. There shall be a digest of the ordinances of the city, which are of a public nature, published within five (5) years after the passage of this act, and a like digest within every period of five years thereafter.
   SECTION 27. The present act of incorporation of said City, approved February 21, 1861, shall be, and the same is hereby repealed.
   SECTION 28. This act shall be a public act, and shall take effect from and after its passage. APPROVED March 11, 1869.
   AN ACT supplemental to an act to amend an act entitled: “An act to incorporate the City of Lake Forest,” approved February 21, 1861.
   SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That article V of this act, to which this is a supplement, be and the same is hereby repealed.
   SECTION 2. This act shall be a public act, and shall take effect from and after its passage. APPROVED March 11, 1869.
   AN ACT supplemental to an act to amend an act entitled: “An act to incorporate the City of Lake Forest,” approved February 21,1861.
   SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, that there be and is hereby added to section nineteen of article eleven of the act to which this is a supplement, the following: “Provided, that the term of office of one of said Aldermen, so to be elected in each of said wards, respectively, shall expire in one year from said election and the same shall be filled at said time; and, thereafter, the term of office of one Alderman in each ward shall expire annually; and in all cases when on account of vacancy or otherwise, two Aldermen shall be chosen at the same election for the same ward, the one who shall receive the highest number of votes shall be entitled to the full term.
   SECTION 2. That the words “second Monday of April,” in section four (4) and section seven (7). of article two (2), of the act to which this is a supplement, shall be and are hereby made to read “Monday after the second Tuesday in April.”
   SECTION 3. This act shall be in force and take effect from and after its passage.
APPROVED April 17, 1869.