SECTION 1. Every person chosen or appointed to an executive, judicial or administrative office under this act shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed in the constitution of this state, and file the same, duly certified by the officer before whom it was taken, with the City Clerk.
   SECTION 2. The Mayor shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, in addition to the usual oath, swear or affirm that he will devote so much of his time to the duties of his office, as an efficient and faithful discharge thereof may require. He shall preside over the meetings of the City Council, and shall take care that the laws of this state and the ordinances of this City are duly enforced, respected and observed within the City, and that all other officers of the City discharge their respective duties, he shall cause negligence and positive violation of duty to be prosecuted and punished, he shall, from time to time, give the City Council such information, and recommend such measures as he may deem advantageous to the City.
   SECTION 3. He is hereby authorized to call upon any and all white male inhabitants of the City or county, over the age of eighteen (18) years, to aid in the enforcing the laws of the state or the ordinances of the City; and, in case of a riot, to call out the militia, or any available force, to aid in suppressing the same; and any person who shall not obey such calls shall forfeit to the City a fine of not less than five (5) dollars.
   SECTION 4. He shall have power, whenever he may deem it necessary, to require of any of the officers of the City an exhibit of his books and papers; and he shall have power to execute all acts that may be required of him by this act, or any ordinance made in pursuance thereof.
   SECTION 5. He shall be liable to indictment in the Circuit Court of Lake County for palpable omission of duty, willful oppression, malconduct or partiality in the discharge of the duties of his office, and, upon conviction, shall be subject to a fine not exceeding one hundred (100) dollars; and the court shall have power, upon recommendation of the jury, to add, as a part of the judgment, that he be removed from office.
   SECTION 6. He shall receive such salary as may be fixed by ordinance.
   SECTION 7. All ordinances and resolutions shall, before they take effect, be placed in the office of the City Clerk; and if the Mayor approve thereof, he shall sign the same; and such as he shall not approve, he shall return to the City Council, with his objections thereto. Upon the return of any ordinance or resolution by the Mayor, the vote by which the same was passed shall be reconsidered; and if, after such reconsideration, a majority of the members elected to the City Council shall agree (by the ayes and noes, which shall be entered upon the journals), to pass the same, it shall go into effect; and if the Mayor shall neglect to approve or object to any such proceedings for a longer period than three (3) days after the same shall be placed in the Clerk’s office, as aforesaid, the same shall go into effect. He shall, ex-officio, have power to administer any oath required to be taken by this or any law of the state, to take depositions, the acknowledgment of deeds, mortgages and all other instruments of writing, and certify the same, under the seal of the City, which shall be good and valid in law.
   SECTION 8. In case of vacancy in the office of Mayor, or of his being unable to perform the duties of his office, by reason of temporary or continued absence or sickness, the City Council shall appoint one of its members, by ballot, to preside over its meetings, whose official designation shall be “Acting Mayor,” and the Alderman so appointed shall be vested with all the powers and perform all the duties of Mayor, until he shall resume his office, or the vacancy shall be filled by a new election.
   SECTION 9. The members of the City Council shall be, ex-officio, fire wardens and conservators of the peace within the City, and shall be exempt from jury duty and street labor, (or the payment of street taxes, during their term of office.)
   SECTION 10. The clerk shall keep the corporate seal, and all papers and books belonging to the City. He shall attend all meetings of the City Council, and keep a full record of their proceedings on the journals; and copies of all papers, duly filed in his office, and transcripts of the journals of the proceedings of the City Council, certified by him, under the corporate seal shall be evidence in all courts, in like manner as if the originals were produced. He shall likewise draw all warrants on the treasury, and countersign the same, and keep an accurate account thereof in a book provided for that purpose. He shall also keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures, in such manner as the City Council shall direct.
   SECTION 11. It shall be the duty of the City Attorney to perform all professional services incident to his office, and, when required, to furnish written opinions upon questions and subjects submitted to him by the Mayor, or City Council or its committee.
   SECTION 12. The City Treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the City, and shall keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures, in such manner as the City Council shall direct. All moneys shall be drawn from the treasury, in pursuance of an order of the City Council, by a treasury warrant, signed by the Mayor or the presiding officer of the City Council, and countersigned by the City Clerk. Such warrant shall specify for what purpose and from, what fund the amount therein named is to be paid. The Treasurer shall exhibit to the City Council, at least twenty (20) days before the annual election of each year, and oftener if required, a full and detailed account of all receipts and expenditures since the date of the last annual report, and also the state of the treasury; which account shall be filed in the office of the Clerk.
   SECTION 13. Before entering upon the duties of his office, the City Treasurer shall give a bond, in a sum at least twice as large as the probable amount of moneys to be received or held by said treasurer. The amount of the same to be fixed by the City Council, with two (2) sureties to be approved by the City Council.
   SECTION 14. The City Marshal shall perform such duties as shall be prescribed by the City Council for the preservation of the public peace, the collection of license moneys, fines or otherwise, he shall possess the powers and authority of a constable of Lake County, at common law and under the statutes of this state, and receive like fees, but shall not serve civil process without first entering into bond as such constable to be approved by the County Court of Lake County, as in other cases. He shall execute and return all process, issued by any proper officer, under this act, or any ordinance in pursuance thereof, he shall be, ex-officio, City Collector.
   SECTION 15. The City Engineer or Surveyor shall have the sole power, under the direction and control of the City Council, to survey within the City limits, and he shall be governed by such rules and ordinances, and receive such fees and emoluments for his services, as the City Council shall direct and prescribe, he shall possess the same power, in making plats and surveys within the City, as is given by law to county surveyors, and the like effect and validity shall be given to his acts and to all plats and surveys made by him as are or may be given by law to the acts, plats and surveys of the County Surveyor, he shall, when required, superintend the construction of all public works ordered by the City, make out the plans and estimates thereof, and contract for the erection of the same, he shall perform all surveying and engineering ordered by the City Council, and shall, under their direction, establish the grades and boundaries of streets and alleys; but such plans, estimates and contracts, grades and boundaries, shall be first reported to the City Council, and approved by them, or they shall not be valid.
   SECTION 16. The Assessor shall perform all duties in relation to the assessing of property, for the purpose of levying the taxes imposed by the City Council. In the performance of his duties, he shall have the same powers as are or may be given by law to county or town assessors, and be subject to the same liabilities. On completing the assessment rolls for City purposes, and having revised and corrected the same, he shall sign and return them to the city council. The City Collector shall collect all taxes and assessments which may be levied by the City Council, and perform such other duties as may be herein prescribed, or ordained by the City Council.
   SECTION 17. The Supervisor shall superintend all public works and local improvements in the City; and carry into effect all orders of the City Council in relation thereto. It shall also be his duty to superintend and supervise the opening of streets and alleys, and the grading, improving and repairing thereof, and the construction and repairing of bridges, culverts and sewers; to order the laying, relaying and repairing of sidewalks; to give notice to persons owning property, adjoining such sidewalks when required; and upon the failure of any person to comply with such notice, to cause the same to be laid, relaid or repaired, and apportion the costs thereof among the persons or lots properly chargeable therewith, and deliver the account thereof to the city clerk, to be laid before the City Council; to make plans and estimates of any work ordered in relation to streets and alleys, bridges, culverts and sewers; to keep full and accurate accounts, in appropriate books, of all appropriations made for work pertaining to his office, and of all disbursements thereof, specifying to whom made and on what account; and he shall render monthly accounts thereof to the City Council. It shall be lawful for the Supervisor to appoint and have an assistant or deputy in each ward of the City, to be approved by the City Council, who shall, under the control and direction of the supervisor, exercise the powers and duties of the supervisor within such ward, respectively; and the official acts of all such deputies shall have the same force and authority as those of the supervisor; but the Supervisor shall in all cases be responsible for the acts of such deputies.
   SECTION 18. The City Council shall have power, from time to time, to require further and other duties of all officers elected or appointed to any office under this act, whose duties are or are not herein specifically mentioned, and fix their compensation. They may also require all officers, severally, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, to execute a bond to the City of Lake Forest, in such sums and with such securities as they may approve, conditioned that they shall faithfully execute the duties of their respective offices, and account for and pay over and deliver all moneys and other property received by then; which bond, with the approval of the City Council certified thereon by the City Clerk, shall be filed in his office.
   SECTION 19. If any person having been an officer of said City, shall not, within ten (10) days after notification and request, deliver to his successor in office all the property, books, papers and effects, of every description, in his possession, belonging to said City or appertaining to his said office, he shall forfeit and pay, for the use of the City, fifty (50) dollars, besides all damages caused by his refusal or neglect so to deliver; and such successor may recover possession of the books, papers and effects belonging to his office, in the manner prescribed by the laws of the state.
   SECTION 20. All officers except the Mayor, elected or appointed under this act, shall be commissioned by warrant, under the corporate seal, signed by the Mayor or presiding officer of the City Council, and Clerk.