150.01   Title
   150.02   Purpose
   150.03   Chapter as remedial
   150.04   Definitions
   150.05   Applicability; exemptions; more restrictive regulations
   150.06   Non-conforming structure; structures existing on date of adoption of chapter and structures moved into village
   150.07   Public safety
   150.08   Contractor license and insurance
   150.09   Approved materials; modifications
   150.10   Director of Fire and Building; duties and powers
   150.11   Building permits
   150.12   Permit fees; deposits; bonds
   150.13   Construction standards and conditions; new principal structures, additions and remodels
   150.14   Construction standards and conditions; demolition permits
   150.15   Inspections
   150.16   Stop work orders
   150.17   Certificates of occupancy
   150.18   Hours for construction work
   150.19   Swimming pools
   150.20   Elevators
   150.21   Rules adopted by reference
   150.22   Violation penalties
   150.23   International Building Code adopted
   150.24   International Residential Code adopted
   150.25   Illinois Accessibility Code adopted
   150.26   International Mechanical Code adopted
   150.27   International Fuel Gas Code adopted
   150.28   Illinois Plumbing Code adopted
   150.29   National Electrical Code adopted
   150.30   International Energy Conservation Code adopted
   150.31   International Property Maintenance Code adopted
   150.32   International Existing Building Code adopted