(A)   The city shall own the water line up to the designated curb line. In the event that there is no curb on the property, the city shall own the water line up to the edge of the dedicated street. All of the service line from the meter to the designated curb line, or edge of dedicated street. And all valves, boxes and parts thereof are owned by the customer and are to be maintained by them. Only the meter is owned by the city and shall be so maintained. Any damage through malicious mischief, neglect, freezing or whatever to destroy the meter shall be the liability of the customer, whether it is an owner or the renter of the property.
   (B)   The Superintendent or designated employee shall have free access at all reasonable hours to any premises to ascertain the location or condition of all water equipment. Any person desiring to discontinue the use of city water shall notify the city in writing and the inspection and shut-off work must be done by a duly authorized city representative. The city shall gave the right of access on the home owner’s property in order to dig to the curb stop, and the right of access on the home owner’s property for access to the curb stop.
   (C)   No more than one house or building shall be supplied from one service connection, except by special permission of the Council. Whenever two or more parties are supplied from one pipe connecting with a service main, each building or part of the building separately supplied shall have a separate stop box and a separate meter. No person shall permit city water to be used for any purpose, except upon his or her own premises except when permission is first obtained from the Water Department officials.
   (D)   When a customer complains that the bill for any past service period is excessive, the city shall have the meter reread upon request. If the customer remains dissatisfied, and he or she may, upon written request and a deposit of $20, have the meter removed and tested. If the tests show an error in the city’s favor exceeding 5% of the water consumed, the deposit shall be refunded, an accurate meter shall be installed and the bill shall be adjusted accordingly. The adjustment shall not extend back more than one service period (one quarter) from the date of the written request.
   (E)   When time warrants and the city finds water rationing necessary to protect city supply, and after sufficient notice has been given to this rationing, a customer is found in violation, the Water Department will shut off the water to that customer and will not be re-supplied until the customer has a hearing with the City Council. Sufficient notice will be given as outlined in the city’s Emergency Water Contingency Plan.
(Ord. 104, passed 7-8-2013)