§ 52.05  RULES.
   (A)   All provisions of this chapter, where the term customer is used, shall be construed as the owner of the premises served. The person desiring the use of city water shall notify the City Clerk in writing of changes or cancellation.
   (B)   This contract made with the customer shall provide that any delinquencies in the payment of water bills on the premises shall be a lien and charges against the premises so serviced regardless of whether the same be homestead or not. The lien in the case of delinquency, shall be reported to the County Auditor by the City Clerk at the same time and in the same manner as special assessment on real estate and shall be collected in the same manner as taxes against real estate provided, however; that nothing herein shall change the provisions of this chapter with reference to shutting off water for nonpayment of charges.
(Ord. 104, passed 7-8-2013)