(A)   The corporation cock into the main water line shall be installed in the top half of the pipe preferably at a 45-degree angle to avoid bringing sediment in the main into the service line. The customer will be liable for any damage or further repair due to the line tap.
   (B)   The service pipe from the main to the curb stop at the property line will be installed at a depth to prevent freezing. Service line shall be of material approved by the city and the state.
   (C)   The corporation cock or curb stop at or near the property line will be set at a depth to prevent freezing and the box will be kept at an accessible level at all times.
   (D)   The service line from the curb stop to the meter shall be installed at a depth to prevent freezing and preferably copper. Joints on this line will be as few as possible, and not more than one joint shall be used for each 70 feet of length. Each joint shall be left uncovered until inspected. The service pipe in the house will not exceed 24 inches of exposed pipe.
   (E)   A shut off or stop cock with a waste valve of the size and strength required for the service intended will be placed at the house end of the service line. This valve will be positioned for meter installation.
   (F)   The bottom of the meter shall be between six and 12 inches horizontally from the inside line on the basement wall unless a different position is approved by the Water Department. A suitable bracket shall be provided by the customer to support the meter in a proper position to prevent noise and vibration.
   (G)   The household plumbing that piping serving the customer from the meter shall be attached firmly enough so as to prevent any damage if meter repair is necessary. The city will not be liable for any damage if this pipe is not so secure. A valve should be placed on the house side of the meter to prevent backflow during meter servicing.
   (H)   At no time will cross connections be allowed. This is the connection of any private pump, well, cistern or other source of water to the same line furnishing city water. When any such connection is found, the city shall notify the owner to sever the connection and if this is not done immediately (within eight hours), the city shall turn off the water supply. Before service is restored, the city shall inspect the system to ascertain no cross connection exists, the owner will pay the current reconnection charge and service will be restored.
(Ord. 104, passed 7-8-2013)  Penalty, see § 10.99