General Traffic Regulations
   71.01   Driving across private property to make turns
   71.02   Stop signs
   71.03   Entering intersection or marked crosswalk
   71.04   Moving on one-way streets
   71.05   Boarding or alighting from vehicle
   71.06   Unlawful riding on vehicle
   71.07   Clinging to moving vehicle while riding motorcycle
   71.08   Operation of vehicles on play streets
   71.09   Use of coasters, roller skates and similar devices
   71.10   U turns unlawful
   71.11   Operation on closed streets
   71.12   Driving on sidewalks
   71.13   No-passing zones
   71.14   Reckless driving
   71.15   Following too closely
   71.16   Spilling loads
   71.17   Use of horn in quiet zones
   71.18   Opening doors into traffic
   71.19   Display of vehicle for sale, washing, repairing
   71.20   Passing unlawfully; shifting lanes without safety precaution
   71.21   Failure to dim lights
   71.22   Unattended motor vehicle
   71.23   Driving while intoxicated or under influence of drugs
   71.24   Accidents
   71.25   Careless operation of a vehicle
   71.26   Drivers to exercise due care with regard to pedestrians
   71.27   Trucks prohibited on certain streets
Speed Regulations
   71.35   Controlled speed; prima facie speed limits
   71.36   When lower speeds required
   71.37   Authority to establish speed limits
   71.38   Special limits for trucks, solid or cushion tires
   71.39   Racing prohibited
   71.40   Authorized emergency vehicles
   71.50   Permits required
   71.51   Driving into funeral, parade or procession prohibited
   71.52   Drivers in processions to follow closely; identification
   Vehicles leaking or scattering load, see § 94.19