Editor's note:
   In 1975, the South Carolina Legislature enacted into law Act 283, which has become known as the Home Rule Act. The Act revised Article VIII (Local Government) of the South Carolina Constitution.
   The municipalities of this state were required to adopt by ordinance one of three prescribed forms of local government: the Mayor-Council form, the Council form, or the Council-Manager form. The form adopted was required to be ". . . the form most nearly corresponding to the form in effect in the particular municipality on March 1, 1974, as determined by the municipal governing body." (S.C. Code 5-5-10) The Town Council adopted the Council-Manager form of government. Statutory authority for this form of government is found at S.C. Code Title 5, Chapter 13.
   On November 25, 1978, the Secretary of State issued a Certificate of Incorporation to the Town of Kingstree, with all the "privileges, powers and immunities, and subject to the limitations prescribed in Act No. 283 of 1975." The Certificate of Incorporation supersedes all charters formerly issued. A copy of the Certificate is available for public inspection at town offices during regular town business hours.
   Prior to the 1978 Certificate of Incorporation, the Town of Kingstree was granted a charter under Act No. 4865 of 1866, and also issued a charter on September 27, 1905.