General Provisions
   155.001   Title
   155.002   Intent and purpose
   155.003   Definitions
   155.004   Interpretation; purpose
District Boundaries; Map
   155.020   Establishment of districts
   155.021   Zoning maps
   155.022   New or annexed land
   155.023   Zoning of streets, alleys, public ways and railroad rights-of-way
   155.024   Boundary lines
General Use Regulations
   155.035   Scope
   155.036   Nonissuance of license or permit for uses or changes contrary to provisions
   155.037   Residential districts; purpose
   155.038   Business districts; purpose
   155.039   Manufacturing districts; purpose
   155.040   Building height; bulk; lot coverage
   155.041   Lot area and dimension
   155.042   Location of buildings
   155.043   Buildings under construction
   155.044   Buildings on a zoning lot
   155.045   Rezoning of public and semi-public areas
   155.046   Vision clearance on corner lots
   155.047   Satellite dishes
   155.048   Smoke detection devices
District Requirements
   155.060   R-1 One-Family Dwelling District
   155.061   R-2 One-Family Dwelling District
   155.062   R-3 One-Family Dwelling District
   155.063   R-4 Two-Family Dwelling District
   155.064   R-5 Multiple-Family Dwelling District
   155.065   R-6 Federal, State Housing District
   155.066   B-1 Business District, Limited Retail
   155.067   B-2 Business District, General Retail
   155.068   B-3 Business and Wholesale District
   155.069   B-4 Business District
   155.070   M-1 Manufacturing District, Limited
   155.071   M-2 Manufacturing District, General
Nonconforming Buildings and Uses
   155.085   Nonconforming buildings and uses
   155.086   Discontinuance of use
   155.087   Change of use
   155.088   Termination and removal of nonconforming uses
   155.089   Repairs and alterations
   155.090   When structures are damaged or destroyed
   155.091   Additions and enlargements
   155.092   Exceptions
Accessory Buildings
   155.105   When part of main building
   155.106   Location restriction
   155.107   Permitted accessory uses
Adult Use Regulations
   155.110   Adult special use permits
   155.111   Adult special use permit required
   155.112   Definitions
   155.113   Application
   155.114   Criteria for permit issuance
   155.115   Violation and penalty
Other Special Use Permits
   155.117   Beer garden/outdoor eating area
   155.118   Consumer metals recycling facility
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   155.120   Purpose
   155.121   Parking and loading space requirements
   155.122   Additional regulations for parking
   155.123   Additional regulations for loading
   155.124   Locations of parking areas
   155.125   Schedule of parking requirements
   155.126   Off-street loading and unloading facilities
   155.140   Permitted signs in residence districts
   155.141   Permitted signs in business district
   155.142   Permitted signs in manufactured district
   155.143   Signs on marquees, canopies and awnings
   155.144   Signs on pylons, standards, clocks and supports
   155.145   Signs on masonry pylons
Special Uses
   155.155   Purpose
   155.156   Conditions of approval
   155.157   Procedure in considering applications for special uses
Planned Developments
   155.170   Character of developments; additional standards and exceptions required
   155.171   Use exceptions
   155.172   Bulk regulations
Flood Hazard Areas
   155.185   Purpose
   155.186   Definitions
   155.187   Duties of Health, Building and Zoning Officer
   155.188   Base flood elevation
   155.189   Development permit required
   155.190   Preventing increased flood heights and resulting damages
   155.191   Protecting buildings
   155.192   Subdivision and other development requirements
   155.193   Public health and other standards
   155.194   Carrying capacity and notification
   155.195   Variances
   155.196   Disclaimer of liability
   155.197   Abrogation and greater restrictions
   155.205   Petition for amendment
   155.206   Review of petition
   155.207   Notice of public hearings
   155.208   Written protest
   155.209   Final decision
Administration and Enforcement
   155.220   Enforcing officer
   155.221   Building permits
   155.222   Certificate of compliance
   155.223   Use permit
   155.224   Continuance of existing uses
   155.225   Fees
   155.999   Penalty