General Provisions
   150.001   Fire limits established
Building Code
   150.015   Adoption of Building Code
   150.016   Permits and permit fees established
   150.017   Amendments; modifications
Plumbing Code
   150.030   Adoption of code by reference
   150.031   Plumbing code administration
Property Maintenance Code
   150.040   Adoption of Property Maintenance Code
   150.041   Additions, insertions and changes
Mechanical Code
   150.050   Adoption of Mechanical Code
   150.051   Additions, insertions, and changes to the BOCA Mechanical Code
Demolition of Buildings
   150.075   Permits and fees
   150.076   Bond and insurance
   150.077   Method of procedure
   150.078   Cleaning premises
   150.079   Temporary sidewalks
   150.080   Utilities and materials
   150.081   Right to stop wrecking
Moving Buildings
   150.095   Permits required; compliance with codes
   150.096   Bond
   150.097   Appointment of Inspector
   150.098   Route to be described in permit
   150.099   Work done diligently; guarding of building
   150.100   Obstruction prohibited
   150.101   Notice given railroads
   150.102   Pavements to be planked
Dangerous Buildings
   150.115   Dangerous buildings declared a nuisance
   150.116   Notice to abate
   150.117   Liability of costs
Construction on Public Property
   150.130   Definition
   150.131   Estimate of costs required
   150.132   Cost restricted
   150.133   Encroachment on public property
   150.999   Penalty