The Planning Board shall elect a Chairperson and may create and fill the other offices as it may deem necessary.  The ex officio member shall not be eligible to be an officer of the Planning Board.  The term of officers shall be 1 year or until successors shall have been elected and installed, with eligibility for reelection.  Vacancies in officers' positions prior to expiration of terms shall be filled for the period of the unexpired term by the Planning Board.  The Board shall adopt rules for transaction of its business and shall keep a record of its members’ attendance and of its resolutions, discussions, findings, and recommendations, which record shall be a public record.  The Board shall hold at least 1 meeting monthly unless there is no business to be discussed or acted upon, and all of its meetings shall be in accordance with G.S. Ch. 160A.  A quorum shall consist of 4 members for the purpose of taking any official action required by §§ 32.15 et seq.  All members of the Board, including the ex officio member, shall have voting power on all matters of business.  However, any member who is a party at interest to matters under consideration by the Board shall declare the interest prior to a vote of the Board on the question, and shall abstain from voting on the question.  This provision shall not prohibit the members from participation in discussions of the Board on the matters prior to a vote.
(Ord. 63, passed 5-13-1980)