§ 152.01  PURPOSE.
   Although the city regulates unsafe structures and blighted properties through its adoption of I.C. 36-7-9 (the “Unsafe Building Law”), portable dwellings, such as mobile homes and other prefabricated structures, present a unique challenge for the city in that an already-dilapidated and/or unsafe mobile home or prefabricated structure may be placed or relocated in the city, immediately resulting in the violation of the city’s Unsafe Building Law or other applicable city ordinances. It is the typical experience of the city that stick-built residential structures gradually become dilapidated and unsafe over time, providing the city with opportunities to address the conditions of the properties before they require significant and expensive remedial work. The purpose of this chapter shall be to prevent the location and placement of mobile homes and prefabricated structures within the city that would, upon their placement, immediately violate the Unsafe Building Law or other relevant city ordinances.
(Ord. 2018-4, passed 4-9-2018)