§ 152.02  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AMISH CABIN.  A prefabricated inhabitable cabin, shed or a similar shelter/dwelling assembled either elsewhere or on-site from a pre-manufactured kit, commonly marketed as an “Amish Cabin,” or any similar and comparable prefabricated inhabitable cabin, shed or shelter/dwelling assembled from a pre-manufactured kit, not situated on a permanent foundation, as defined herein.
   BOARD.  The Board of Public Works and Safety.
   CAMPER.  A motor vehicle and/or trailer with facilities for sleeping and cooking, originally manufactured or converted for the purpose of recreational camping and travel
   MOBILE HOME.  A dwelling, including the equipment sold as a part of the dwelling, that:
      (1)   Is factory assembled;
      (2)   Is transportable;
      (3)   Is intended for year-round occupancy;
      (4)   Is intended for transportation on its own chassis; and
      (5)   Is not supported by a fully enclosed permanent foundation; or
      (6)   Any dwelling meeting the definition of MOBILE HOME found in I.C. 16-41-27-4.
   MOBILE HOME PARK, STATE REGULATED.  An area of land on which at least five mobile homes, other than mobile homes on permanent foundations, are harbored on temporary supports for the purpose of being occupied as principal residences.
   PERMANENT FOUNDATION.  Meets the following conditions:
      (1)   Transfers loads imposed by a mobile home to the earth;
      (2)   Has a lower surface placed below the frost line;
      (3)   Is attached to the mobile home in such a way to secure the mobile home to the foundation that the mobile home becomes a part of the real property; and
      (4)   Is assessed for taxation as an improvement to the property.
   STRUCTURE.  Any type of STRUCTURE subject to the regulations set forth herein, including mobile homes, tiny homes and Amish cabins.
   TINY HOME. A prefabricated dwelling with no permanent foundation that does not typically exceed 550 square feet, commonly marketed as a TINY HOME or TINY HOUSE.
(Ord. 2001-3, passed 3-27-2001; Ord. 2018-4, passed 4-9-2018)
Statutory reference:
   Mobile home park, similar provisions, see I.C. 16-41-27-5