(a)   Required. Prior to final review and approval of a site condominium project plan by the City Council, a preliminary site condominium project plan shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission in accordance with the procedures, standards and requirements provided by this chapter.
   (b)   Application Submittal Requirements. An application for preliminary site plan review, along with twelve sets of the plan, shall be submitted to the Community Development Director at least four weeks prior to the next scheduled Planning Commission meeting along with a fee as set by the City Council. The application shall at a minimum, contain the following information:
      (1)   The applicant's name, address, and phone number.
      (2)   Proof that the applicant is the owner of the property or has a legal or financial interest in the property such as a purchase agreement.
      (3)   The name, address and phone number of the owner(s) of record if different than the applicant.
      (4)   The address of the property.
      (5)   A legal description or the permanent parcel number of the property.
      (6)   A project description.
      (7)   The size of the parcel in acres.
      (8)   The signature of the applicant and the owner of the property.
   (c)   Technical Review. The Community Development Director shall review the preliminary plan for compliance with ordinance requirements. Copies may also be sent to the City Planner, the City Engineer, the Fire Chief and the Police Chief as deemed necessary. The site plan shall be reviewed for compliance with the requirements of this chapter and a report prepared for the Planning Commission.
   (d)   Requirements for Preliminary Plans. The preliminary plan shall, at a minimum, contain those items required by Section 1224.02 of the Subdivision Regulations. In addition the following requirements and standards shall apply:
      (1)   The site condominium shall be constructed in accordance with Chapter 1232 of the Subdivision Regulations.
      (2)   A condominium project plan shall include the documents and information required by Section 66 of the Condominium Act (M.C.L. 559.166; M.S.A. 26.50(16)), including the signature and seal of the architect, land surveyor, or engineer who prepares the plan.
      (3)   A statement describing the proposed method of providing potable water supply, waste disposal facilities and public and private utilities, and a statement from the District County Health Department indicating the suitability of the land for the operation of septic tanks, if proposed, shall be included.
      (4)   All private streets in a site condominium shall comply with the standards for City public street construction.
      (5)   The location of any and all general and limited common elements, as well as the use and occupancy restrictions and maintenance provisions for all general and limited common elements that will be included in the Master Deed, shall be included.
      (6)   A storm drainage and a storm water management plan, including all lines, swales, drains, basins, and other facilities and easements granted to the appropriate municipality for installation, repair and maintenance of all drainage facilities, shall be included.
      (7)   In its review of a site condominium project plan, the Planning Commission may consult with the City Manager, City Planner, City Engineer, or other appropriate persons regarding the adequacy of the proposed common elements and maintenance provisions, use and occupancy restrictions, utility systems and streets, project layout and design, or other aspects of the proposed project.
      (8)   The Planning Commission shall require that portions of the plan as relevant to the reviewing authority in question be submitted to the District Health Department, County Road Commission, County Drain Commission, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Department of Public Health, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and other appropriate State and County review and enforcement agencies having direct approval or permitting authority over any aspect of the proposed site condominium project.
      (9)   The building site for each site condominium unit shall comply with all applicable provisions of this Zoning Code for the zoning district in which it will be located, including minimum lot area, minimum lot width, required front, side and rear yards, and maximum building height. For example, the area and width of the building site shall be used to determine compliance with the minimum lot area and lot width requirements. Compliance with required front, side or rear yards shall be determined by measuring the distance from the equivalent front, side, or rear yard boundaries of the building site closest respective front, side or rear boundary of the building envelope. Building setback lines showing dimensions from all streets and lot lines shall be illustrated on the project plan.
      (10)   If a site condominium project is proposed to have public streets, the streets shall be paved and developed to the minimum design, construction, inspection, approval and maintenance requirements for platted public streets as required by the City.
      (11)   The site condominium project shall be connected to the City water and sanitary sewer facilities in accordance with the City of Ionia Municipal Standards Ordinance.
      (12)   The names of abutting developments, if any, shall be included.
      (13)   A map of the entire area scheduled for development, if the proposed project is a portion of a larger holding intended for subsequent development, shall be included.
      (14)   The land use and existing zoning of the proposed project shall be included. Zoning and land use on adjacent parcels should also be illustrated.
      (15)   A table listing the proposed lots by number, and the respective lot area for each lot, shall be included.
      (16)   Additional information which will assist the applicant in proceeding in a reasonable and sound manner toward final approval of the project shall be included.
   (e)   Planning Commission Review.
      (1)   Preliminary site condominium plans shall be referred to the Planning Commission, which shall consider the preliminary plan and make a recommendation to the City Council. Such consideration and recommendation shall take place following a public hearing by the Planning Commission on the preliminary plan. For such hearing, notice shall be given as required by Section 1240.07.
   The preliminary plan, together with meeting minutes showing the action of the Planning Commission, shall be referred to the City Council for review and action.
      (2)   If the preliminary project plan does not meet all requirements contained herein, the Planning Commission shall notify the applicant by letter indicating any additional information or changes required.
(Ord. 390. Passed 3-6-01; Ord. 469. Passed 10-6-09.)