The following information shall be submitted for tentative approval of the preliminary plat. Maps shall be at a scale of not more than 100 feet to one inch.
   (a)   The name or title of the proposed subdivision.
   (b)   A legal description of the proposed plat.
   (c)   The name, address and telephone number of the proprietor, developer, record owner and subdivider.
   (d)   A statement of the intended use for the proposed plat and showing land intended to be dedicated or set aside for public use or for the common use of property owners in the subdivision, and stating the location, dimensions and purpose of such land.
   (e)   A small scale vicinity map showing the location of the project within the City, and the name and location of abutting subdivisions.
   (f)   The location, dimensions and approximate grade and radius of proposed and existing streets, alleys and highways included in the plat.
   (g)   The location of all existing features affecting the subdivision, such as railroads, buildings, trees, ditches, watercourses and other physical features.
   (h)   The location and size of all existing and proposed public water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage pipes, equipment, fire hydrants, catch basins and other facilities.
   (i)   The location of utility and drainage easements.
   (j)   If the proposed plat is contiguous to other lands owned by the applicant, a map showing the street layout and access for subsequent development.
   (k)   If the proposed subdivision is not to be served by public sewer and water systems, a written statement from the Ionia County Health Department regarding the suitability of the soils for on-site septic systems.
   (l)   Location and dimension of lots, radii of all curves and approximate location of all setback lines. Lot width shall be shown for each lot, at the required setback line.
   (m)   When any part of the subdivision lies within or abuts a floodplain area:
      (1)   The floodplain, as established by the State Department of Natural Resources, shall be shown within a contour line.
      (2)   The contour line shall intersect the sidelines of the lots.
      (3)   The sidelines shall be dimensioned to the traverse line from the street line and the established floodplain (contour) line.
      (4)   The floodplain area shall be clearly labeled on the plat with the words "floodplain area."
   (n)   Two copies of any proposed covenants and deed restrictions to be imposed upon the use of property in the subdivision or a statement in writing that none is proposed. If common areas are to be reserved for use by the residents of the subdivision, copies of an agreement indicating how the area will be maintained shall be submitted.
   (o)   Property lines, dimensions and building setback distances and all structures, lot lines and wetlands within 100 feet of the site.
   (p)   Existing and proposed topographic elevations at two-foot intervals on the site and to a distance of fifty feet outside the boundary lines of the site.
   (q)   The direction of storm water drainage and how storm water runoff will be handled as well as a statement describing where storm water will be ultimately discharged such as a creek, stream, lake or wetland.
   (r)   The location of abutting streets, rights-of-way, service drives, curb cuts and access easements serving the site, as well as driveways opposite the site and driveways within 100 feet on either side of the site. Also driveway width, curb radii and design of proposed deceleration lanes.
   (s)   Street lighting, if any, including the type of fixture as well as the method of shielding illumination from adjacent properties and roadways.
   (t)   The location and type of significant existing vegetation, watercourses and water bodies, including County drains and man-made surface drainageways, floodplains and wetlands.
   (u)   The location of existing and proposed slopes which are twenty percent or greater, which may be altered by the development or the construction of buildings within the development.
   (v)   Zoning and use of the proposed subdivision and adjacent properties.
(Ord. 389. Passed 3-6-01.)