TITLE SIX – Zoning
   Chap. 1240. General Provisions and Definitions.
   Chap. 1242. Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
   Chap. 1244. Board of Zoning Appeals.
   Chap. 1246. Districts Generally and Zoning Map.
   Chap. 1248. R-1, R-2 and R-3 One-Family Residential Districts.
   Chap. 1250. RT Two-Family Residential District.
   Chap. 1252. RM Multiple Family Residential District.
   Chap. 1254. RM-1 Multiple-Family Residential Districts.
   Chap. 1255. Health Services District.
   Chap. 1256. B-1 Neighborhood Business District.
   Chap. 1258. B-2 Central Business District.
   Chap. 1260. B-3 General Business District.
   Chap. 1261. F-Fairgrounds District.
   Chap. 1262. I-1 Light Industrial District.
   Chap. 1264. Flood Plain Overlay District.
   Chap. 1266. PUD Planned Unit Development District.
   Chap. 1267. Ionia Springs Planned Unit Development District. (Repealed)
   Chap. 1268. MHP Mobile Home Park District.
   Chap. 1269. East Main Preservation District.
   Chap. 1270. Open Space Neighborhoods.
   Chap. 1271. Resurrection Life Church Planned Unit Development (PUD) District.
   Chap. 1272. Site Condominiums.
   Chap. 1274. Special Land Uses.
   Chap. 1276. Site Plan Review.
   Chap. 1278. Nonconforming Lots, Structures, and Uses.
   Chap. 1280. Wireless Communication Towers and Equipment.
   Chap. 1282. Off-Street Parking and Loading.
   Chap. 1284. Signs
   Chap. 1285.   AC Development Planned Unit Development District.
   Chap. 1286. Miscellaneous Regulations.
   Chap. 1287. Wind Energy Systems.
   Chap. 1288. Solar Energy Systems.
   Chap. 1289.   Medical Marihuana Facilities.
   Chap. 1290.   Adult Use Marihuana Establishments.
   Chap. 1291.   AUH-PUD Attached Urban Housing Planned Unit Development District.
   Chap. 1292.   Austin Pines Planned Unit Development District.
   Chap. 1293.   Regulation of Mobile Food Vending Units or Mobile Food Vending Parks.
      Appx. I   -   Schedule of Regulations
      Appx. II   -   Zoning Map and Zoning Map Changes
      Appx. III   -   Basement and Story
      Appx. IV   -   Building Height
      Appx. V   -   Building Line
      Appx. VI   -   Floor Area
      Appx. VII   -   Interior, Through and Corner Lots
      Appx. VIII   -   Basic Structural Terms
      Appx. IX   -   Yards
      Appx. X   -   Parking Layouts (Repealed)
      Appx. XI   -   Distance Spacing for Multiple Dwellings