Chapter 1284
1284.01   Applicability.
1284.02   Purpose.
1284.03   Definitions.
1284.04   Prohibited signs.
1284.05   Signs not subject to chapter.
1284.06   Signs not requiring a permit.
1284.07   General standards for permitted signs.
1284.08   Sign regulations applicable to all districts.
1284.09   Measurement of signs.
1284.10   Nonconforming signs.
1284.11   Temporary and portable signs.
1284.12   Signs in residential districts.
1284.13   Signs in the B-2, Community Business District.
1284.14   Signs for certain streets in the B-1, B-3, and Office Districts.
1284.15   Signs in the F-Fairgrounds District.
1284.16   Signs in the I-1 Light Industrial District.
1284.17   Signs in the East Main Preservation District.
1284.18   Administration.
1284.99   Penalty.