123.01   Title
   123.02   Purpose and intent
   123.03   Legal authority
   123.04   Commercial cannabis activities prohibited unless specifically authorized by this chapter
   123.05   Compliance with state and local laws and regulations
   123.06   Definitions
   123.07   Cannabis business permit required to engage in cannabis business activity
   123.08   Cannabis owners criminal background
   123.09   Persons prohibited from holding a permit
   123.10   Maximum number and type of authorized cannabis businesses permitted
   123.11   Community benefits
   123.12   City's reservation of rights
   123.13   Procedure guidelines and review criteria to evaluate cannabis business permit applications
   123.14   Exercise of a cannabis business permit
   123.15   Abandonment of permit
   123.16   Reapplying for a cannabis business permit
   123.17   Term of a cannabis business permit
   123.18   Renewal of cannabis business permits
   123.19   Suspension, revocation, or modification of permits
   123.20   Effect of state license suspension
   123.21   Effect of state license revocation or termination
   123.22   Appeals
   123.23   Appeals and contents of appeal
   123.24   Appointment and scope of hearing officer or body
   123.25   Appeal hearing process and proceedings
   123.26   Change in location; updated application form
   123.27   Transfer of cannabis business permit
   123.28   City business license
   123.29   Building permits and inspection
   123.30   Authorization from the Community Development Director
   123.31   Right to occupy and to use property
   123.32   Location and design of cannabis businesses
   123.33   Limitations on city's liability
   123.34   Records and recordkeeping
   123.35   Security measures
   123.36   Fees and charges
   123.37   General operating requirements
   123.38   Operating requirements for store front retail facilities
   123.39   Operating requirements for non-store front retail (delivery-only) facilities
   123.40   Store front and non-store front retail delivery requirements
   123.41   Operating requirements for out-of-city delivery services
   123.42   Permissible delivery locations and customers
   123.43   Promulgation of regulations, standards and other legal duties
   123.44   Community relations
   123.45   Fees deemed debt to the city
   123.46   Permit holder responsible for violations
   123.47   Inspection and enforcement
   123.48   Violations declared a public nuisance
   123.49   No vested rights