120.01   Purpose and intent
   120.02   Definitions
   120.03   Permit required; application process
   120.04   Investigation and application
   120.05   Issuance of permit
   120.06   Annual permit fee
   120.07   Inspection
   120.08   Expiration of permit
   120.09   Suspension of permit
   120.10   Revocation of permit
   120.11   Administrative judicial review of permit denial, suspension of revocation
   120.12   Transfer of permit
   120.13   Regulations pertaining to exhibition of sexually explicit films or videos in video booths
   120.14   Prohibitions regarding minors and sexually oriented business
   120.15   Advertising regulations
   120.16   Hours of operation
   120.17   Location of sexually oriented businesses
   120.18   Measurement of distance
   120.19   Prohibition of distribution of sexually deviant devices
   120.20   Public nudity at sexually oriented businesses is prohibited
   120.21   Criminal prohibitions for the operation of a sexually oriented business without a valid permit
   120.22   Exemptions
   120.23   Criminal penalties and additional legal, equitable, and injunctive relief
   120.24   Immunity from prosecution
   120.25   Public nuisance, abatement
   120.26   Implementation schedule
   120.27   Regulations governing existing sexually oriented businesses
Editor’s Note:
   Ordinance No. 1456, passed 2-1-06, imposed a moratorium on the approval of sexually oriented businesses pursuant to California Government Code Section 65858, for a period of 45 days unless extended. Ordinance No. 1460, passed 3-15-06, extended Ord. 1456 for a period of ten months and 15 days.