General Provisions
   156.001   Authority and title
   156.002   Purpose and application
   156.003   Conformity to general plan, specific plan and zoning regulations
   156.004   Definitions
   156.005   Responsibilities
   156.006   Fees
   156.007   Improvements applicable to unsubdivided lots
   156.008   Standards for improvement and design
   156.020   General provisions
   156.021   Procedures for filing maps
   156.022   Parcel maps; authority and procedure
   156.023   Waiver of parcel map requirements
   156.024   Tentative maps; authority and procedure
   156.025   Final maps
   156.026   Lot line adjustments
Design and Improvements
   156.035   Standards for design and improvement
   156.045   Generally
Improvement Security
   156.055   General provision
   156.056   Securities to be furnished and amounts
   156.057   Security release
Reversions to Acreage
   156.070   Reversions to acreage by final map
   156.071   Initiation of proceedings by owners
   156.072   Initiation of proceedings by City Council
   156.073   Date for reversion to acreage
   156.074   Proceeding before City Council
   156.075   City Council approval
   156.076   Return of fees, deposits and release of securities
   156.077   Delivery of final map
   156.078   Effect of filing reversion map with the County Recorder
   156.079   Exclusions for reversions
Parcel Mergers
   156.090   Mergers not required
   156.091   Mergers required
   156.092   Notice of merger
   156.093   Request by property owner
Enforcement; Waivers; Judicial Review
   156.105   Enforcement, remedies and judicial review
   156.106   Administrative waiver of improvements
Vesting Tentative Maps
   156.115   Authority
   156.116   Purpose and intent
   156.117   Consistency findings
   156.118   Definition
   156.119   Application
   156.120   Filing and processing
   156.121   Fees
   156.122   Expiration of vested maps
   156.123   Vesting on approval of vesting tentative map
   156.124   Development inconsistent with zoning conditional approval
   156.125   Applications inconsistent with current policies
Park and Recreation Land Dedication and Fees
   156.130   Definitions
   156.131   Authority, purpose and scope
   156.132   Dedication/fee as a precondition to approval of final map
   156.133   Standards for determining dedication
   156.134   Fees in lieu of dedication
   156.135   Determination of dedication, fees or combination
   156.136   Subdivider credits
   156.137   Disposition of land or fees
   156.138   Time of dedication or payment of fees
   156.139   Schedule for performance
   156.140   Procedure