General Provisions
   71.01   Purpose
   71.02   Definitions
   71.03   Application
   71.04   Designation of authority for signs and curb painting
   71.05   Removal or immobilization of vehicles
   71.06   Use of street for storage of vehicles for 72 or more consecutive hours
   71.07   Marking of vehicles
   71.08   Prohibited parking, storage and repair
   71.09   Parking in alleys
   71.10   Commercial vehicle parking
   71.11   Parking in parks and other public facilities
   71.12   On-street stopping, standing, or parking prohibited by Public Works Director
   71.13   On-street stopping, standing, or parking prohibited during certain hours
   71.14   Temporary no parking
   71.15   Stopping, standing or parking on left side of divided highway
   71.16   Curb markings indicating parking regulations
   71.17   Bus zones to be established
   71.18   Police vehicle zones
   71.19   Unauthorized painting of curbs
   71.20   Disabled accessible parking required
   71.21   Disabled parking without a placard
   71.22   Blocking areas surrounding disabled parking
Parking Violation Enforcement Procedures
   71.50   Penalties, fines, fees and related charges for parking, traffic and related violations
   71.51   Administrative adjudication procedure
   71.52   Administrative review
   71.53   Administrative hearing
   71.54   Judicial review
   71.55   Copies of citations