General Provisions
   70.001   Short title
   70.002   Application
   70.003   Definitions
   70.004   Traffic accident studies
   70.005   Traffic accident reports
   70.006   Reserved
   70.007   Certain nonmotorized traffic to obey traffic regulations
   70.008   Use of coasters, roller skates and like devices
   70.009   Compliance by public employees
   70.010   Certain vehicles exempt
   70.011   Written report of damage to certain property
   70.012   Objects obstructing visibility of intersections
   70.013   Private roads open for public use
   70.014   Driving on parkways and equestrian trails or bridges
   70.015   Restricted access roadways
   70.016   Freeways
   70.017   Train crossings
   70.018   Advertising vehicles
Administration and Enforcement
   70.030   Police administration
   70.031   Duties of traffic officers
   70.032   City Traffic Engineer
   70.033   Traffic advisory committee
   70.034   Authority of Police Department and Fire Department officials
   70.035   Authority to place turning markers
   70.036   Authority to place restricted turns signs
   70.037   Authority to prohibit right turns against traffic stop signal
   70.038   Authority to place signs for one-way streets and alleys
   70.039   Authority to restrict direction of movement on streets during certain periods
   70.040   Authority for stop signs and yield signs
   70.041   Authority for temporary street closures
Traffic Control Devices and Markings
   70.050   Authority to install
   70.051   Standards and specifications
   70.052   When required
   70.053   Presumption of legality
   70.054   Traffic signals
   70.055   Lane markings
   70.056   Roadway markings
   70.057   Detours and construction areas
   70.058   Crosswalks and safety zones
   70.059   Painting of curbs
   70.060   Warrants
   70.061   Authority to remove, relocate or discontinue
   70.062   Hours of operation
   70.063   New pavement and markings
   70.075   State speed laws applicable
   70.076   Authority to regulate
   70.077   Regulation by traffic signals
   70.090   Driving through funeral processions
   70.091   Drivers in a procession
Vehicle Size and Weight
   70.100   Certain vehicles prohibited in the Central Business District
   70.100.1   Advertising vehicles
   70.100.2   Truck routes
   70.100.3   Commercial vehicles prohibited from using certain streets
   70.101   Permits for excess size and weight
Traffic on State Highways
   70.110   Prior approval of Department of Public Works
   70.111   Provisions inoperative upon withdrawal of approval by written notice
Transportation of Hazardous Materials
   70.120   Regulation of vehicles
   70.121   Use of certain streets
Interstate Trucks
   70.130   Definitions
   70.131   Purpose
   70.132   Application
   70.133   Fees and costs; trailblazer signs
   70.134   Retrofitting
   70.135   Revocation of route
   70.136   Appeal process
Off-Road Use of Vehicles
   70.145   Prohibited
   70.146   Exempt locations
   70.147   Exempt vehicles
   70.148   Government property
   70.160   Crossing at right angles
   70.161   Standing in roadways
   70.999   Penalty
   Abandoned vehicles, see Ch. 90