(a)    There is hereby established the part-time position of Sanitary Sewer Inspector. Such Inspector shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. Council shall fix the salary of the Inspector.
   (b)    The Mayor may appoint a part-time assistant to the Inspector at any time it may be deemed necessary. Council shall also fix the compensation to be paid such assistant.
   (c)    The Sanitary Sewer Inspector and his or her assistant, if any, shall perform the following duties, plus such other related duties as may be designated by the Mayor:
      (1)    Visual site inspections of all tie-ins to the central sanitary sewer lines from all runs outside of structures located on private property;
      (2)    Inspection of all septic tanks located on private properties at which connections are being made to ensure that such tanks are disconnected and eliminated in compliance with Section 929.12;
      (3)    Conduction of smoke tests of all internal and external sanitary sewage outlets connecting to the line running to the central sanitary sewage line; and
      (4)    Inspection of clean-outs and test-tees to ensure that the same are properly located and operational.
         (Ord. 1984-7. Passed 2-14-84.)