Use of Public Ways by Service Providers and Cable Television Providers
EDITOR'S NOTE:  This chapter, previously titled "Excavations," was repealed in its entirety and re-enacted under its present title by Ordinance 96-149, passed May 7, 1997.
1016.01   Purpose and intent; definitions.
1016.02   Annual registration of service providers.
1016.03   Use permits.
1016.04   General public way use regulations.
1016.05   Construction standards.
1016.06   Fees and compensation.
1016.07   Cable television franchise.
1016.99   Penalties; equitable remedies.
   Establishment and care of streets - see Ohio R.C. 715.19, 717.01, 723.01
   Openings by the municipality - see Ohio R.C. 723.02
   Damage from excavation - see Ohio R.C. 723.49 et seq.
   Digging, excavating and piling earth on streets - see Ohio R.C. 5589.10
   Community Television Advisory Committee - see ADM. Ch. 280
   Obstruction and special uses of public ways - see TRAF. Ch. 412
   Operation of vehicle in barricaded area - see TRAF. 432.24
   Barricades and warning lights for obstructions in streets - see GEN. OFF. 660.12
   Utilities generally - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1050