TITLE TWO - General Provisions
      Chap. 202. Codified Ordinances.
      Chap. 204. Official Standards.
      Chap. 206. Public Meetings.
      Chap. 208. Disposal of Personal Property.
      Chap. 210. Purchasing and Contracts.
      Chap. 212. Municipal Civil Infractions.
   TITLE FOUR - Legislation
      Chap. 220. Council.
      Chap. 222. Ordinances and Resolutions.
      Chap. 224. Mayor.
      Chap. 226. Campaign Finance Reform.
   TITLE SIX - Administration
      Chap. 230. Manager.
      Chap. 232. Solicitor.
      Chap. 234. Finance Department.
      Chap. 236. Engineering Department.
      Chap. 240. Police Department.
      Chap. 242. Fire Department.
      Chap. 246. Hudson Public Power.
      Chap. 248. Public Works Department.
      Chap. 250. Water Resources Department.
      Chap. 252. Community Development Department.
      Chap. 254. Employees Generally.
   TITLE EIGHT - Boards and Commissions
      Chap. 270. Planning Commission.
      Chap. 272. Board of Zoning and Building Appeals.
      Chap. 274. Architectural and Historic Board of Review.
      Chap. 276. Tree Commission.
      Chap. 278. Charter Review Commission.
      Chap. 280. Community Television Advisory Committee.
      Chap. 282. Civil Service Commission. (Repealed)
      Chap. 284. Personnel Advisory and Appeals Board.
      Chap. 286. Hudson Cemetery Board.
      Chap. 288. Hudson Park Board.
      Chap. 290. Records Commission.
      Chap. 292. Fire/Emergency Medical Service Planning Committee
      Chap. 293. Environmental Awareness Committee of Hudson.
      Chap. 294. Economic Development Incentive Committee.
      Chap. 295. Economic Growth Board.
      Chap. 296. Eligibility for Service on City Boards, Commissions and/or Committees
      Chap. 297. Military and Veterans’ Commission